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Ellie Goulding opts to cover her art in a dark suits on New Year's Eve party at New York

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Okay, that's not out of our system, on to ther ensemble.
Ellie Goulding was dressed fashionably but warmly, gracing the audience at New York, NY, USA on Wednesday, December 31, 2014.
Together with gentleman point, the 28-year-old opted to cover up her art in a dark suits with white inner as she setting all the viewer notice on Jools Holland's 2014 Hootenanny TV show.
It's still totally gorgeous, but diamonds win every time. . . . . . . . . . . .So, in conservative idea for the New Year's Eve 2015 party, the singer embellished her fashion charm with a gleaming necklace on the middle.
Like, way, on wavy by overwhelming, cause her gorgeous long blonde hair talking too much about anything point of dreamingly.
Yap, it's really relevant for our great story to ended the 2014. . . . . . . .Killing our time in this simple think!!!

No Make-up! Heidi Klum glowing her natural in a Maxi Dress at Saint Barthelemy

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We're not sure where the couple was going in perfect gear, especially because it's the newest season, but maybe Vito Schnabel just wanted to follow his lead.
Well, isn't that cute? Heidi Klum stunned in a dark maxi dress with a sweet shawl and just a pair of sandals, smiling as they spent the New Year 2015 at Saint Barthelemy on Monday, December 29, 2014.
Of course the moment had a distinct fully romantic fee, with barely no make-up on her flawless complexion, the 41-year-old is glowing in the photographer shots and styling her long blonde hair into a natural waves.
But please, Vito, 28, managed to pray herself away in white white solution. . . . . .He staying with the younger theme of clothes and jeans alongside a brown sweater on his waist.
Even if he didn't crack a smile, we're sure he was beaming on the inside.
At least, it was definitely being finding lots of joy within his relationship. . . . . . . . . .Check out for mor…

Taylor Swift dresses up her casual in a Rocking style, Manage her ensemble by excellent at New York

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This girl rarely gives a good look, and for that, we thank to her.
It's definitely was Taylor Swift as she stepped out by herself from her apartment at New York, NY, USA on Friday, December 26, 2014.
With her retro accessories, the 25-year-old managed to dress up her casual ensemble in a dark jacket and playsuit, plus a sporty briefcase.
The singer also completed her look with ponytail to her blonde hair, then burning her botanical steps in a pair of excellent boots.
A sweet, fuzzy, precious way. . . . . . . .Taylor proved us to the right with it's adorable style.
If you're going to have a favorite outfit, at least make it less more beloved on finally direction. . . . . . . .Rock will never ending!!!

By grey Porsche! Eric Clapton steps out in a luxury coat at London

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We're not sure what cost more: this coat or our house?
It seemed like Eric Clapton may not just be done to following around as he stepped out by herself on the street at London, England on Monday, December 29, 2014.
Or maybe this was a Christmas gift from his Professor close friends, cause the guitarist just come around on one side to the other side then encasing his luxury floor length coat into the grey Porsche vehicle.
Oooh! Or maybe David Foster sent it to the 69-year-old and win his back and then they spend a wonderful New Year's Eve of 2015 together, plus collaborated for the newest greatest Song.l
It's something we'd expect from Ellie Goulding! not Mariah Carey!
Award season is only just beginning, so let's hope Eric goes for a better dress on the next show!!

Selena Gomez looks gorgeous in a cardigan and dark legging on airport at Los Angeles

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Not to mention that her skin was looking pretty radiant for someone who had just de-boarded the plane.
That's right! Selena Gomez is wrapping her beauty region by proving that she's just stunning with or without make-up as she arrived the airport at Los Angeles on Saturday, December 27, 2014.
The singer showed off her gorgeous in a black leggings, dark high-heeled shoes, and a cardigan, it was clear that comfort zone was the order of the day.
And her no blemish is certainly serving her well into comfortable, including a goddess smile, lovely charm and of course, the great of her texturing long hair.
Hmmm. . . . .Some on must've had a rough flight, at least we hope to the case for this cute steps.
We should all be so lucky to be bestiest friend with her. . . . . . .Cause the easy ways are always hilarious!!!

Raising her novelty day! Elizabeth Hurley wearing a short dress and cardigan at London

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It will look just a fashion forward when the great thing of night time stylish idea have some contribution into wardrobe rotation.
The mini skirt is super stylish option and Elizabeth Hurley has raising her novelty day at London, England on Thursday, December 25, 2014.
The actress will really shine after dark as she's wearing a black short dress which displaying her perfect long legs to never ending.
Oh year! The 49-year-old constructed her chic outfit with just a soft material cardigan and a pair of high heels, plus a small bag.
Her honey long hair going down so incredible among her shoulders, then the polished diamond keeping her fresh face into positive art.
The one thing that remained though was her beautiful of softening lipstick! The color have finishing her stroll on so well, doesn't it???

Emma Stone dons a coat and jeans as she strolls with boyfriend, Andrew Garfield at New York

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When walking in a street on the daylight, wardrobe choices usually end with decision on weather or not to wear a coat.
And with New York currently experiencing on Saturday, December 27, 2014, Emma Stone made the wise choice to dons a matching blue of coat, clothes with red shirt on inner, Jeans and brown boots.
The 25-year-old was seen strolling so romantically with boyfriend, Andrew Garfield as she holding a coffee cup alongside a shoulder bag.
Accessoring her short style with a pair of sunglasses, the actress kept her make-up light with a pair of ray ban to showcased her flawless skin.
Well, coincidentally, the country's internet is down again!
Cause maybe, the ex-Spiderman actor released a statement by saying: Some one skipped the airport's security checkpoint!!!

Jennifer Lawrence brightening up the NCAA game at Louisville in her Casual look

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It was kind of a gloomy day at Louisville, Kentucky, USA on Saturday, December 27, 2014 as Jennifer Lawrence brightening up everyone's live with her casual look.
Finished her street style in a red hat and Jeans, the 24-year-old is always camera ready - even when it come to just cozy for the NCAA college basketball game.
The actress doesn't stop to applausing by her amazing attention although the favorite team still left eight points on the end of match.
That sounds look so hilarious, and we already got a perfect sampling of Jennifer styling during her standing on bleachers with a University of Louisville clothes.
Lawrence seems to be having no trouble putting on a happy face. . . . . . . ..Butterfly statement!!!

The Singer, Fergie walks in a Dark Jeans, during Chistmas Day at Los Angeles

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Nothing like taking an advantage of the unseasonably warm Christmas weather.
That's just what the Singer, Fergie and her family, husband, Josh Duhamel and son, Axl, did when the three decided to walk after sacrifice themselves for Christmas Day on the church at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Thursday, December 25, 2014.
Looking effortlessly chic in a dark top and jeans, the sighting comes just moment after the stunning-looking of 39-year-old showed off her lighter locks on great duty show.
A beauty wavy of long blonde hair and a smokey ray ban completed her high fashionably charm, plus her rocking heels and a hand bag. . . . . . . . . .We're loving her sophisticated rock design composition.

Nigella Lawson looks elegant in a White Dress, Amazing for the New Year and Christmas at New York

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Allowing the dress to be the main of focus, cause the sequinned was elegant with burning accents.
Opted for a white of skin tight dress, Nigella Lawson turned her head into the television show, 'The Taste' at New York, NY, USA on Tuesday, December 23, 2014.
The 54-year-old sported a lovely white earrings and just put a softly lipstick to following her step up on the pair of red high heels.
In that dress, how could we miss you?. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Nigella, you are looked amazing for this New Year and Christmas appearance, Golden Glow!!!

Elle MacPherson wraps up warm in a retro Ski gear at Aspen, Utah, USA

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It seems like they're both happy now and that's totally what matter the most. . . . . . . . .right?
On Monday, December 22, 2014, Elle MacPherson enjoyed a snowy vacation at Aspen in Colorado, Utah, USA with husband, Jeffrey Soffer.
The 50-year-old Supermodel wrapped up warm in her retro ski gear of a red jacket, brown hat, and grey trousers.