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Michelle Rodriguez’s full positively in a Long Gown! Rule over her femininity value at Milan

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No wonder if Michelle Rodriguez wants to rule over her femininity value into the full positively.
The 36-year-old with so many substantively point was snapped to showing off her another great vocabulary at Milan, Italy on Tuesday, 18, 2014.
So much beauty in one room! The actress made sure all eyes in the red carpet of 2015 Pirelli Calendar guests were on her as she wearing a dark long gown by Emilio Pucci who should come to surprising for anyone.
Her long hair flowing down so perfectly among her shoulders, the twisted detail on her right side has been telling about the truly of fashion glamour, and her lovely face plus the fresh smile was hanging by a string.
From what we could see here, Michelle went down to make-up free, although the ensemble were just completed with signature of softly lipstick.
These are clearly many women to be envious off!
While they both have similar go to poses!! Seriously, we’re feeling majority compelled to go watch Rodriguez …

Gigi Hadid spikes a natural anatomy in a Short Dress! Rocking some study at Milan

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Guess what, guys! the new face of superstar wore an incredible design to the red Carpet gala at Milan, Italy on Tuesday, November 18, 2014.
Gigi Hadid did not impress with her loud, short sparkling dress and it’s long beauty legs. . . . .Please, call us sightless, but the great textured of fashion doesn’t work well on anything that isn’t a wall.
We kind a with that the female mode had gone for a more literal interpretation, rocking some study, and spikes a natural make-up.
Oh, well! I’m wrong again. . . . . .The 19-year-old just feel like every girls who trying to have a beauty shots and prove that they’re on fashion.
Looking every bit of her at the event of 2015 Pirelli Calendar on the gallery below! Please don’t dazed your nozzle!!!

Kim Kardashian wants to buying Turtle Island at Queensland for $5 Million

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We might like to think we’re not influenced by other biggest idea, but Kim Kardashian has spoken about amazingly.
What do you get a little girl who truly has everything? Well, a heart shaped island might do the trick.
The 34-year-old decides to splurge for her baby, North by wanted to buying Turtle Island at Port Curtis in Queensland, Australia for a cool $5 Million.
Although that idea is not completely hard to believe, the learns that it’s not the case, cause it’s a private island fit for a movie star or recluse celebrity.
So where’s the money come from? Kim jetting to Sydney on Sunday, November 16, 2014 to selling her private perfume, but I think that doesn’t it can’t still happen.
A piece of magnificent coast! The island is 23.25 Acres/9.41 HA and includes wonderful coast of the Great Barrier Reef, plus very exclusive house for remarkable education for family.
Let’s hope those gates keep out that pesky house intruder, bu…

Demi Moore made quite the impression in a Silver gown at Santa Barbara

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It’s only fitting that we honor her special day by basking in the glory.
If you are agree and well, we already know you do as Demi Moore strolls to the event at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on Sunday, November 16, 2014.
The 52-year-old made quite the impression in her unique silver gown, strutting down the red carpet, and please, she flashes about the truth of beautifulness with those anxiously of fashion design.
With expectation to the moment, the porcelain skin beauty wears her famous long hair in loose and completing her art with a cute small bag of Christian Louboutin, plus the pretty drop earrings by Norman Silverman.
Surely! It’s certainly raising the temperatures, cause the actress displaying plenty of decolletage into the gorgeous point.
Demi also spent an excellent time with Jessica Lange to take the harvest of Award for Kirk Douglas dignity in Movie.
This year’s film festival has been jam packed with excellently value and the stars was present…

Shailene Woodley kicks off her 23th Birthday at St.Helena! Thanks for a bottle of Wine Grower

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Someone bring the champagne because this calls for a celebration! Happy 23th Birthday, Shailene Woodley.
Seriously, it feels like she’s been in my home much longer than seven years! Time sure flies when you’re getting a big surprise.
But please don’t forget to keep an eye for as the actress kicks off her great moment on the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone College in Saint Helena, CA, USA on Saturday, November 15, 2014.
This looks like it’s going to be such a fun, cause Shailene prepares to satisfying the situation by sharing a special bottle of Wine Grower to us.
How romantically! Woodley was very impressed with everything and we wouldn’t joking about drunk after the party.
Can’t wait to see what the most beauty girl ever will showing up to this time around for the next.
Oh! I’m forget, thanks for the incredible wine. . . .We will always love you, especially to your little white jasmine flower on the left earring!!!

Unstoppable charm! Rosario Dawson displays her blissful mood in a blue dress at Mexico

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The wish was here! Rosario Dawson looked radiant and fresh at night gala of the Los Cabos International Film Festival at Mexico on Saturday, November 15, 2014.
The actress displayed her blissful mood in a blue long dress and she’s great fun to jump with.
To gaining the condition, the 35-year-old appeared to have more passion with those natural face in no make up while driving her unstoppable charm on the stage.
Where I want to be? Rosario has openly spoken alongside the award on her beauty hands and her long curls hair has already tried to developing the situation.
Her performance is really understated, so what she did with it is unique. . . . . .May be, It’s not what you would typically expect.
But please, she has made no secret on her career for today show - a skin condition which flare in soft fully region. Hard to say goodbye!!!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Amazing Acoustic with Woody Harrelson at Saturday Night Live

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What if we were to tell you that we found an amazing and it was completely adorable.
Jennifer Lawrence might not seemed like the greatest singer, but her talent more than holds her own in this impressive rendition on Saturday Night Live monologue.
You probably wouldn’t believe us, right? The 24-year-old is the actress of the moment and has already tried her new skill by singing during an acoustic exhibition on Saturday, November 15, 2014 with Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.
The performance brought many in the audience to be cheerful, prompted a standing ovation and even chocked up the evening’s emcee.
The group singing a song from Taylor Swift’s 1989 album and with all due respect, we’ll never say no to seeing more.
No gimmicks, just straight - it’s certainly different then the studio version we’re all listening to!

Just Perfect! Bella Thorne grabs an attention in a dark short dress at West Hollywood

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People are always looking for you to do something, because that one person in our life who gets it.
Well that’s one way of toughening up the moment and Bella Thorne grabbed an attention in a dark short dress on the party of Latina Magazine’s 30 Under 30.
The 17-year-old looked a vision as she teamed her hugging figure of legs up on the matching heels while drawing her charm on the brown wooden floor at West Hollywood, CA, USA on Thursday, November 14, 2014.
Have you tried the scrambled eggs? Yap, the actress highlighted the perfect signature pose alongside her glossy covers for November 2014 issue.
One is fun, but two is shoe! Wait, what? We mean two is better than one!
Soft make-up merely enhanced Bella’s radiant natural beauty with the amazing one side curls of her long blonde hair.
But please, we will nervous to anticipation the weather if Thorne added her sweet with those natural smile.
“Just Perfect,” That’s all that we wanted to say.

Alexandra Rodriguez’s cream dress on the Latina Magazine party at West Hollywood

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We’re totally intriguing to see what the spread has to offer.
Sporting an extravagant design, Alexandra Rodriguez looked simply stunning as she attended the party of the Latina Magazine’s 30 under30.
No doubt! the 39-year-old was stealing all the attention and took herself on the center stage of brown wooden floor at West Hollywood, USA on Thursday, November 14, 2014 in a cream short dress.
The beautiful actress left her long dark hair loose around her shoulder and added a slick of red lipstick to spice up her look.
At one point, she was snapped with a huge smile on her face while her long gorgeous legs displayed her famous anatomy in a matching color of heels.
We think this adorable female is amazing, but we hope she work on switching things up for future shows because we want to seeing more.
Perhaps they can add it to their New Year’s resolution list for 2015.

Kevin Costner means anything in a Chocolate suit! Have everything on Napa Valley Film Festival

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If the ring on that fingers means anything, sounds like his mind is only for the truth.
We know Kevin Costner is have everything and the world’s of media had a special attention during his appearance at the Napa Valley Film Festival in St. Helena, CA, USA.
But the 59-year-old only had eyes for her wife, Christine Baumgartner, 40, who dazzled us in a chocolate sleeveless dress.
The Bodyguard actor wore stylish yet practical outfits in brown suits for their outing on Thursday, November 13, 2014, completed his ensemble with a white shirt, a matching color of cardigan and appeared a good spirits with his dark shoes.
Luckily for us! Because the ex-boyfriend of Elle Macpherson in 1996 was happy to spill some success key of relation after generated 3 childs since his sweet wedding with handbag designer on 2004.
Sound like the perfect place to do it, being a common romantic destination for couples.
You’re know the jungle of Hollywood! And as one chapter ends, anot…

A brainful idea for the 18th Hollywood Film Awards! Reese Witherspoon in a Red Dress

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Well, it’s certainly a wonderful idea! By positively, Reese Witherspoon took her beautifulness in courageous color.
The 38-year-old displaying her perfect porcelain skin on red carpet at the 18th Hollywood Film Awards at the Palladium on Friday, November 14, 2014.
Find out her story, the singer letting her garment do the talking in a red strapless dress which showing her best with no endless.
May be next time should stick to something short and tight! Reese kept her blonde lock and make-up relatively simple, with her auburn hair pilled down among her shoulders in a messy, yet stylish, up-do.
Clearly the answer is a brainful: We love it!
Witherspoon also completed her look with a diamond earrings, beauty bracelets on the right side, and dropped her protective region with a pair of dark heels.
Apparently, the stunning brunette wanted even more sparkle and We really wish she would’ve just always speaking about the most elegant moment.
What will th…

Kelly Brook’s mini dress with high heels by Saint Laurent and Channel bag at Los Angeles

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Ooops! Looks like the wonderful things about rainy day has to be in our top ten.
Cause Kelly Brook gave us a friendly reminder of what a pleasant sight while out and about at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Wednesday, November 12, 2014.
And with a perfect anatomy like hers, why should it be? The 34-year-old rocked yet another daring dress in a flirty portrayal short dress, which parading her no endlessly long legs and trim figure.
In a number stylist outfits, her tousled long blonde hair flowed in the breeze as she put her trademark into a cream heels by Saint Laurent and exuded glamour in an equally pink shoulder bag from Channel.
We can only imagine that all the beautiful art have effortlessly stylish. . . . .We will always see you, Kelly!
But if we talking about the romantically point, Brooke has been have an amazing statement after split from boyfriend, David McIntosh. . . . . . ."It’s not her time for love,” the Kent born told to

Julianne Moore exudes Youthful! Accentuating her dignity on More Magazine

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We just don’t understand why Julianne Moore can’t pull away her age.
We assume it might be a bit tough living in the spotlight when all anyone constantly speaking about her dignity to the World of Entertainment.
There was nothing, but elegant and feminine beauty to be seen as the 53-year-old opted for a flowing length dress in unpretentious brown for November issue of More Magazine.
Her natural was kept to a minimum and her long gorgeous hair exuding pure glamour despite her youthfulness.
But have you ever thing that her red carpet show recently on Hunger Games premiere has growing her simply accentuating to complimented the new story.
The actress smiled and waved while sauntered around her luxury house, stopping to sent temperatures rising with her delicious style alongside the lucky porcelain table.
Even her eyeliner wasn’t so heavy handed, the make-up constellation is way too harsh for Bart Freundlich wife’s alabaster skin.
Hey! You can n…

Lady Gaga allows her $23 Million to purchase an impressive Mansion at Malibu

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There’s nothing like a box of chocolates to say I love you.
It was a moment that full of glamorous ensembles as Lady Gaga allowed her $23 Million to purchased an impressive mansion at Malibu, CA, USA.
From the look of things, it’s a wonderful and grandiose place to call home.
The Mediterranean-style villa by architect, Steve Gianetti boasts twelve bathrooms, five bedrooms, and 10,270 square feet of living space.
That’s what the professionalism do best! The property is completely fenced for a maximum with vaulted ceilings, a large butler’s kitchen with a seating area, a private bowling sport, and a luxurious media room.
At the outdoor of this massive estate, you can find a stunning concept that takes full advance to relaxing on the poolside with the greatest ocean views ever.
Sound like the perfect oasis to getaway from the craziness of a booming music career.
And with a charming pad like this, we’re guessing she’ll have plenty loved ones knocking…

Tom Cruise is a single man! Put his Mansion at Colorado on Market for $59 Million

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We’ve always wondered where Tom Cruise hung his swim trunks out to dry after a long day “work.”
Well, not really. . . . . . But if you ever wondering, now you know - in fact, you can even buy the place if you have a loose $59 Million.
That’s right, the handsome actor, 52 has just put his 298 acre Mansion at Telluride, Colorado on market.
The sprawling estate is actually a dramatic downsize for a single man and it was built in 1994, which settled down by 6 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, exclusive library room, and modern gym.
The elegant forest and natural light of meadows lead to the old story with soaring ceilings looking out on the backyard - thanks Tom for the great design of chairs.
You mean there are part to keeping the family that aren’t real?
And for good reason! We had heard that the decision is going more faster, cause the property has a place who getting close in just 10 minutes to the Telluride regional airport.
Oh well, you can win to ta…