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Happy 17th Birthday! Bella Thorne Rocks Her Party At The Billboard In New York City

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There’s no better way to celebrate your birthday than a party with all your best friend.
And Bella Thorne doing to the order while commemorate of her 17th truly day at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Wednesday, October 8, 2014
The actress choose a gaffering skirt in dark color and completed her look with Christian Louboutine high boots for the inspired outfit.
And the whole experience made the situation more super fragrant as she finished her moment by brought a sweet bouquet of red flowers into her private vehicle.
So, where’s the unique colors of balloon which reading “Happy Birthday”?
No, she just following her steps to the next destination with her hands were full of gifts after the marvelous dinner theme at Sugarfish restaurant in Studio City!
Sad you couldn’t make it? We are too, but until now, she’s doing her part to make it more enjoyable for us all. . . . . . . . .As you should be, friends!!!

Elle Fanning hits the Young Ones premiere in a crop top and skirt at New York

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Okay, what exactly is going on here? The other day we commented on how bizarre it is on David Letterman show.
And today, It’s clear Elle Fanning does her own working out as she arriving the premiere of Young Ones movie at New York, USA on Thursday, October 9, 2014.
The star shows off her tan pins and admirable flat stomach in a flower cropped top and dark skirt council.
So, it was quite a surprise to see her wearing the tummy-baring ensemble. . . . .U like?
But if we want to seeing the practically a uniform at this point, the actress just getting more and more beautiful and we can’t stop staring.
The struggle of envy is real, although her long cute brown hair try to completed her sweet smile in front of the photographer camera and her youngster footstep standing up on a pair of red high heels.
What do you think, friends? Is this outfit too mature for the 16-year-old?. . . . .Hey, it’s summer time, so why not, right?

Emily Blunt opts for a Pink Long Dress as she walks on red carpet at London

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Even the rain can’t stop that smile, Emily Blunt was glowing on those perfect statement.
Yes, you are right! The 25-year-old was crawling my views about her perfect statuesque figure in a pink long dress as she’s walking on the red carpet in London Battersea Evolution.
In lucky cut out on sleeves and beautiful creation of colors, the actress ensured the fashion eye dressed to impress for the red carpet occasion at London on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.
Emily, who normally loves to show off that amazing body of hers (and who wouldn’t) went for a retro fit and flare style to highlights her gorgeous point with her long hair arranged to cute bun and matched her beautiful style with a pair of sweet gold earrings.
By the way, she’s a workaholic lady, so of course she didn’t forget to complement her show for today with IWF Schaffhausen wristwatch.
Let’s note, Who rocked it better? Emily, Natalie Dormer, Daisy Lowe or Cate Blanchett,…

Michelle Monaghan flashes the high nominal of Classic Dress as she attends The Best of Me premiere at Los Angeles

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When it comes to making an impact, Michelle Monaghan seems to know what she’s doing.
The actress stole the limelight as she walked on the red carpet at the movie premiere of “The Best of Me” at Los Angeles, USA on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.
Her dress ticked all the look, not only was it classic and voluminous, but it had also revealing a pulpy romance about fashion design statement.
Obviously feeling confident in a red sheer dress, the 38-year-old posed up a storm alongside the other A-list guests, such; James Marsden, Nicholas Sparks, Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato.
However, Michelle certainly managed to spice up proceedings with a simply make up and styled her long blonde hair into a semi half, plus the diamond art of matching color heels.
We don’t expect anything else, Just be agape be wide open our mouth.
One thing’s for sure! We can’t wait to see the custom pieces from another luxurious brand will create for Michelle. How …

Ali Larter goes lovely in a Short Dress on lunch outing with Husband at Beverly Hills

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It’s been a busy week for that baby bump - no to mention the mother.
Ali Larter has been diligently doing lunch together with husband, Hayes MacArthur at Beverly Hills, CA, USA on Monday, October 6, 2014.
And her cute baby bump has been in the thick of things as she donned a blue short dress with a long dark jacket and a pair of cute grey shoes.
In case you couldn’t tell by yourself argument, cause the actress is really feeling the love right now and the indicate has showing by privately after the couple getting out from La Scala restaurant.
The star embraced the handsome man’s arm so tightly alongside a sweet shoulder bag, plus her long blonde hair cascading by gently among the winds.
Isn’t looking at people in love just the sweetest thing?!
Hopefully, we’ll get to see photos of the final creations, as well as more pics of Ali’s final bump.
We’re just glad that these two have made some delicious lemonade after such a lemony s…

Kelly Brook makes everyone else to be gape as she wears a Blue Playsuit at Beverly Hills

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Does it get better than another A-list lady in a simple garment design?
You know it doesn’t because we’re all just drooling over Kelly Brook in this blue playsuit.
The 34-year-old just made sure to be the centre of attention as she walks alone at Beverly Hills, CA, USA on Sunday, October 5, 2014.
Is that a promise? The actress is telling us exactly what she wants from her adorable appearance for today after split from ex-boyfriend, David McIntosh by wearing this £42 clothes.
WOw! It’s very expensive for us. . . . . .At least the muscle man really know about how to get the truth from the TOP. They’re really inversely proportional to being the couple.
But we’re guessing Kelly has never heard that saying because she left everything on her dress.
There’s a lot going on here and we love with those freely accenting among the perfect two-thumbs, Don’t you???

Stephanie Pratt teases in a Mini Skirt as she persuades the crowd to seeing her at London

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Wow, she’s totally ready to help James Bond defeat the bad guys in this get up.
Stephanie Pratt’s so spicy, you’d think she’s packing heat - for realize as she’s strolls down into the red carpet at movie premiere, Love Rosie in London on Monday, October 6, 2014.
Hmm, wonder if Justin Bieber’s seen this? the 28-year-old wearing a black mini skirt with a white half shirt that looked comfortable but safe.
In a closer inspection to her appearance, the television personality revealed very impression to her long legs assets that helped her stand high against another beautifulness fashionista, such Lily Collins and Suki Waterhouse.
It’s definitely our favorite, especially when the stunning brunette highlighted her outfit with a dark beads of shoulder bag to kept it classic, a pair of cute high heels and drawing her prettiness with an impressive style to her long blonde hair.
Fergalicious and Bedazzled beauty. . . .We will continue…

Lily Collins wears a red long dress as she heads the Love Rosie premiere at London

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Notice anything different about Lily Collins? No, She’s still got it, but the asymmetrical garment number, which was beautified embellishments with her.
The actress was spotted wearing a beauty red long dress as she headed the Love Rosie movie premiere at London on Monday, October 6, 2014.
Standing in true alongside Sam Claflin, Suki Waterhouse, Jaime Winstone, Christian Ditter, and Tamsin Egerton, the 25-year-old looked simple with her hair on cropped style and accessorized her fashion argument with a beauty pair of diamond earrings.
Someone isn’t right and our best guess is that it’s Lilly Collins inspired look
You know, as kids sometime do, except Lilly is  kid no more, cause from her fresh face appearance for today. . . . . She’s really looked like a baby who was born yesterday.
However, we think she did a softness job styling with those cutting cute design on the back gown for showing her lovely skin of legs, and the most…

Cheryl Fernandez puts her slim body in a Blue long dress as she attends the Britain Awards at London

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Oh my! Those perfect statement would’ve blown our minds.
So, What an interesting coincidence? In fact, we’re kind of overwhelmed by all smiles as Cheryl Fernandez Versini attended the Pride of Britain Awards in London on Monday, October 6, 2014.
The 31-year-old looked primly beauty in a blue long dress, which featured cross over detailing with an elegant flooring garment among her adorable steps.
Wearing her long hair in a natural style, the actress lightened her fresh face with a softly lipstick for a somewhat vintage style and very smoky of diamond pendant in all right place.
For the rest of look, the stunning brunette showcased the great combined between her rose tattoo on the back with her backless dress, and added a British flag umbrella to accompanied her lovely show.
All grown up and Cheryl was really showing her statuesque by the positive attitude  in her attire for the event.
Well, you certainly did an excellent job dar…

Padma Lakshmi walks so mild in a Lavender Gown as she embodies her own Fashion phrase at New York

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Sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for style, and sometimes it’s really worth it.
Padma Lakshmi risked her show on the great weather at New York, USA on Sunday, October 5, 2014 as she stepped out in a purple lavender gown with a leather jacket.
But we’re glad the actress did because her outfit is filling our fashion loving heart with joy! It’s just all kind of cool!!
Another great number of a cute little handbag and a pair of high heels emblazoning her steps by perfectly, plus her long hair drawing so mild into the pony tail.
And its edgy detailing on the classic style, we’d say it’s the perfect summer whether you’re dining at fresco or, you know, sitting front and center at Wimbledon tournament.
However, the 44-year-old was much more concerned about her compatibility while sat pretty on a stool awaiting their fast food order.
A new look all around and the minimally clothed by Padma look will also do! . . . . . .Thanks…

Demi Moore shows off her Pretty Ageless in a Dungarees as she stays on Cafe at Los Angeles

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No matter how many times she smiles, they’ll put in the one picture where she’s not just smiling.
And Demi Moore added that she would prefer for people to think as she enjoyed a mother plus daughter date at Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, October 4, 2014.
The actress showed off her pretty ageless in a cute dungarees and Tallulah Willis staying right in a white western-style shirt and brown trousers while they arrived the little Next Door Cafe for lunch time.
But why? The 50-year-old looked more younger than her pretty child, 20. . . .Cause maybe she’s always taking care her long beauty hair by constantly perfect on time to time.
Or maybe, she’s a real forever girl of world entertainment that we’ve never seen before, even forever.
Aww! Just another day in the gorgeous life of Ghost star, but she’s really working at the Queen vibe, instead of giving us more legs to match her with another leading lady.

Lana Del Rey accentuates her natural in a Mini Dress as she leaves her apartment at New York

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It’s all just so chic and comfortable on this beauty lady who’s seen slaying all season.
Yeah, safe to say we’d be in a good mood to enjoy as Lana Del Rey was pictured to leaving her apartment at New York on Friday, October 3, 2014.
The singer showed off her positive attitude in a blue mini dress, fresh natural faced and make-up free. . . .Of course, she was a flawless traveler.
With her hair resting on her shoulders alongside the pair of sunglasses, the 29-year-old looked like she was ready for a tropical journey rather than the cold temperatures of the Big City.
But there’s one must have carry on item she could never take off without the vehicle or just brought its all out commodity with a pair of red cute shoes.
And the girlfriend of Francesco Carrozzini answered the situation with her smiled broadly. . . . . .A freaking gorgeous character that proves she’s always having a ball.
Thank goodness, those perfect skinny are not gone! We lov…

In herself artwork! Kimberley Garner channeling her beauty in a long dress at London

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There’s a lot going on here. . . .But we Love! Cause, Kimberley Garner going to be a fashion darling.
All eyes on her! The 24-year-old certainly stole the show at Julio Larraz’s Rules of Engagement art exhibition in London on Thursday, October 2, 2014.
The model shined like the star she is as she accenting the impeccably detail design in a white long dress with a cute strappy neckline top and the perfect up do.
Then the English swimwear designer went for a somewhat vintage style with her blonde hair and went beauty with her make-up, which included a very Smokey eye and softly lips.
But, we’ll be honest, Kimberley totally recovers from it by working her fierce stare in a big dark belt and a pair of rocking high heels.
And those simple & gorgeous design is absolutely to die for!
Talk about brightening up the sweet show, at one point, some people make the crystal story look so difficult, but this queen is effortless!!!

Liv Tyler talks to us in a Blue Dress as she fights against the wind at New York

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There’s a reason why Liv Tyler always makes the best dressed list, she has a fantastic eye for a killer frock.
Just take a look at here as the 37-year-old showed off her impressive charm in a blue dark mini dress while walking by herself at the street in New York on Wednesday, July 2, 2014.
Armageddon is still Armageddon and the actress put an exclusive news with the garment accident. . . .. Yap, her inner seen visible in our eyes, thank to the lucky wind blows.
But the mother of one either didn’t know or didn’t care that her entire gorgeous skin on her legs took advantage from her hard schedule occasion, leaving us with the two-thumbs point of truly epic proportions.
With friedel oscillations of images as perky as hers and not a single precautionary measure in place, we beginning to think Liv wanted to showed off, Am I wrong??