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Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov keep their stylish in Jeans at California

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The pair are the famous tennis athlete and today, they were snapped tans together and stays together.
Walking through the street at Venice, California, USA on Sunday, December 21, 2014, Maria Sharapova and boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov appeared happy to never ending on romantic moment.
Maria, 27, keeping her general stylish in a dark jacket and jeans while Grigor poured his handsome point into a grey casual shirt and dark jeans.
Wisely choosing comfort so far with the relation, Sharapova explaining about her growth sentiment along their positive story on Fox Sports, she said: "I have a tremendous amount of respect of Grigor as a person and it's nice to share eachother's company every day and forget about what we do, have other interests," then she added: "If you are happy and that person brings you happiness, you have to cherish it as much as you can."
Never the shy and retiring type. . . . . . . .Is this where you got your good looks…

Wonderfully casual! Rachel Hunter's flawless point in a Maxi Dress on shopping trip at Beverly Hills

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The gorgeous of things to come, because there was never going to be any doubt for perfection on every opportunity.
In summer style, Rachel Hunter is seen enjoying her bonding time at the street in Beverly Hills, CA, USA on Tuesday, December 23, 2014.
The 45-year-old appeared to be taking her flawless point in a pink maxi dress as she was snapped to strolling by herself on shopping trip in Barneys New York.
Styled her long hair into the ponny tails and keeping her incredible figure alongside a pair of sunglasses, the Supermodel looked effortlessly chic although on a casual look.
Just be sure to wash it soon! We love a woman who has the confidence to be photographed in the same thing and the beaming smiles of faces, neither cared that Rachel was recycling her look.
I think, this is unherard in the world of celebrity. . . . . . . . . . . .Leave it to the fabulous and wonderfully casual!!!

Sofia Vergara dresses comfortly in a Maxi Dress, Exposing her naturally at Hawaii

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We love a woman who has the confidence to be photographed in the same thing.
Leave it to the fabulous and wonderfully normal, Sofia Vergara showed us something sweet during her vacation with boyfriend, Joe Manganiello at Maui, Hawaii, USA on Sunday, December 21, 2014.
The Latinos beauty was dressed comfortly in a blue maxi dress which exposing her gorgeous point to never ending through the popular tourist location.
A pair of ray ban and a brown shoulder bag completed the look alongside her long hair were left flowing naturally.
We're glad the pair're happy today - can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!

The ideal girl! Sophie Monk strolling by herself in a Maxi Skirt at King Cross in Sydney

View the gallery / 8 pictures. Okay, seriously, Sophie Monk is just to perfect, and she makes look up her age every time because there's now way she can be 35! The stunning brunette strolling by herself on the street at King Cross in Sydney, Australia on Monday, December 22, 2014 and showing her incredible in a dark lower top and blue maxi skirt. Why so real like the ideal girl? Sophie paired a yellow pumps for exposing her beauty long legs and complemented her retro figure with a red bright shoulder bag. Her long blonde hair fall around her shoulders, while the softly lipstick seemed to having fun among her fresh face. Gorgeous and glowing, plus very special for the Christmas event. . . . .The ex-girlfriend of Benji Madden seemingly ready to accompanied her ex-boyfriend to tie the knot as the Best Friend.

Eugenie Bouchard arranges a good business with WME-IMG, be sides Maria Sharapova

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Eugenie Bouchard seems to realize that her tennis talent and gracing face must be utilized to the right track.
More recently, the Canada tennis star who still aged 20 years was signed with WME-IMG, a talent agency, which represents as the Service Bureau that is responsible for representing and arranged all the need for the athlete in the world of Entertainment.
This is not just a new big opportunity, WME-IMG is a company that also carry on business to most bankable tennis star, such: Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.
More over! Eugenie will be handled in a team led by Jill Smoller, the agent who still have commitment business with Williams.
"WME-IMG is in the best possible position to help me achieve my business goals," said Bouchard and she added: "This will maximize the value of my brand."

Belgium Prime Minister, Charles Michel gets a pitch by potato from 4 female activists at Namur

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Did you remember about floating shoes incidents towards the former President of United States, George W.Bush during a press conference at Iraq on a few years ago? The pitcher is a journalist who eventually is processed legally.
This time it happened on the other way in conducting the surge or irritation against the leader of the country.
Addressing at Namur in the southern Wallonia region of Belgium as the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel gave his speech, he suddenly bombarded by fries were sprinkled with mayonnaise.
As reported by, on last Monday, December 22, 2014, Mr. Prime Minister apparently getting a pile of dishes in the form of national stir when several women activists staged their demonstrations against austerity measures which enforced by European Union.
The clothing of the 39-year-old , the youngest Prime Minister of Belgium, it seemed dirty by spread of mayonnaise and spills of potatoes.
"Four Women posing as …

Sharon Stone's first public date with new boyfriend, David DeLuise at Los Angeles

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While her blonde hair just flawless, we're not sure we're feeling her dreamy.
But Sharon Stone has been shielding her gorgeous coiffure with a dark knitting headgear as she strolled so romantically at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Friday, December 19, 2014.
The 56-year-old was all smiles in a grey clothes and dark leather jeans, while David DeLuise, 43, looked very blissfully happy in just a grey uniforms too with brown whiskers.
During an emotional memont on their first public date! The actress is seen here wrapping her arms around the actor, before leaving our eyes to stupefied.
I think it's just a scene from a movie who just stopped in the middle of the street and flung themselves at each other, apparently overcome with a flutter of butterflies.
The old way or not, it was pretty adorable. . . . . . . . . . . .At least Stone is still the stone to repulse a gossip about her latest contact with Sofia Vergara ex-fiance, Nick Loeb.
Total win, friends! We l…

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden propose to engegement at JFK Airport in New York, after 7th love story

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The rumour's been finalized and the confirmation've putting down on reality to tie the knot.
Yes, you are all correctly, cause it's not secret anymore that Cameron Diaz, 43, and the lucky boyfriend, Benji Madden proposed to engaged.
The gorgeous gold rings with the knocking down sphere of jewelry gushed about primafacie as the two was snapped to leaving the JFK Airport at New York, NY, USA on Friday, December 19, 2014.
I think the seventh opportunity after her six relation with the other macho man took the time to run errands with the reality.
Awww! We're so happy for you, Cameron & Benji! Congratulations, best wishes to never ending. . . . . . .Forever!

Shailene Woodley slips into a brown Vest and Jeans alongside Theo James at Atlanta

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Surely hope so, because donning a masculine theme is good luck symbol to any short of hard job. . . .So ideal for twirling.
Back in her skinny jeans! Shailene Woodley slipped into some tight brown vest to final film scene: "Insurgent" at Atlanta, GA, USA on Friday, December 19, 2014.
And make-up isn't the only thing she's gone without recently as the 23-year-old stood out so dashing with her rusticate style alongside the co-star, Theo James.
A simple up do and smokey eyes to play up the hue in the print completed Shailene while walking potrait look with the actor, ahead the grand soldiers with top weapons. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Wow, looking breathtakingly in her sweetest smile.

In modern theme! Elsa Hosk manages her natural while walking at the street in New York

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Maybe we're overreacting, but we're really surprised by this lifestyle.
We meant, it's gotta be tought adjusting to such a change as Elsa Hosk caught her casually holding a cigarette at New York, NY, USA on Sunday, December 21, 2014.
In natural and modern theme! I didn't really know what else there was. . . . . . .It wasn't until the 26-year-old went by her high fashionably art in a dark leather coat and jumpsuit leggings.
Her gorgeous blonde hair and neutra make-up have accentuated to more impressive, while the humanity point managed to look so good alongside her female friend.
There were people smoking everywhere, and I was like, but surely, the Victoria's Secret model has announced the habit to love all the schedule.
If we were in the business of keeping people healthy and living, we certainly would not want to hire some who voluntarily breaths in dangerous chemicals. . . . .What do your premise about Elsa activity? Hos…

Gold Accents! Uma Thurman walks up in a Suede Cape and Pants at New York

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That's a good sign she didn't hurt anybody and it's always good laugh at yourself, right, Uma Thurman?
Sounds like it got pretty charm for the 44-year-old as she walked up in style even she's not going to work at New York, USA on Thursday, December 18, 2014.
The actress beat the chill weather by dressed herself in a gorgeous brown suede cape and grey leather pants, which thickening her age to more workship for the style.
Has she learnt about dressing now? Yap, Uma's definitely more brightly while added her fashion element with a beautiful dark blue of gossamer hat and an unique green high-heeled shoes, plus a cute small bag.
Being content with that, Thurman had made us to more accepting of how she look.
So there's no getting away from it, the Boston born's elegant outfit deserves a closer look and with it, we've diligently in depth to recalibrate our daily wardrobe for the next. . . . . . . .Gold accents!!!

Gemma Arterton wearing a glamour skirt, Manage to bridge her amazing at England

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Before we begin, we'd like to be clear that we love Gemma Arterton with all our hearts, thinks she's an incredible woman ever and are dying to be her best friend.
Wearing a glamour dark skirt by Ralph Lauren, the 28-year-old decided to make a difficult fashion story to our eyes on Alan Carr: Chatty Man show at England.
The actress managed to bridge her amazing with just a pair of high heels, but please she was make thing look iconic with her sweetest smile, a flash of curve, embodying sensuality with any vulgarity, and of course, her both beauty legs.
That all word can be extreme as Gemma answered an easy question from the funny man about the natural value of lady on Friday night, December 19, 2014, she said: "Feminism is in fashion, as made by Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift, now that they're feminists, everyone else is."
"I don't know - I think social media has helped a lot, people likeCaitlin Moranhave changed ev…

Jennifer Aniston blows us with her Beauty Dress on People Magazine Awards at Beverly Hills

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Enjoy the tune, guys and yes, you knew Jennifer Aniston was gonna make a Gravity pun.
The sweetheart face, the draping detail of garment with two color accent, the sweep train - It's a perfect stunning.
The actress once again blown us of the stratosphere with her art on People Magazine Awards at Beverly Hills, CA, USA on Thursday, December 18, 2014.
We just love the shimmering loveliness of it all as the mini dress flowing down her excellent legs to never ending while the 45-year-old took her honour on the stage.
Letting the design do most of the work! Jennifer revealed some incredible words to the audience about her success job on her film, 'The CAKE': "I really now have experience what a labour of love truly means. This movie was nothing short of that."
Really, thought, Aniston in the frosty hue is one of our favorite things - she's always kicks a serious theme. . . . . .After the Labor Day no less.
Congratulations! Tha…

A solid skill! Kate Winslet's red pencil dress and Cigar on The Dressmaker at Melbourne

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It's not pioneering or anything, but we love all the details that make it more than just a design.
Her classy and safe did not just stay on great temperature as Kate Winslet enjoyed her actress job at Melbourne, Australia on Thursday, December 18, 2014.
The 39-year-old swapped her amazing beauty in a red pencil dress while playing her role as Tilly Dunnage on on her newest filming, The Dressmaker with actor, Liam Hemsworth.
Taking some improvisation! Kate seemed to be getting be an absentee landlord with her exclusive cigar and Hemsworth looked the pictures of athlete by wearing a rugby outfit.
The film who based on novel writing by Rosalie Ham will be coming out to the public on October 2015.
Accordingly to the report from, the entourage crews are definitely have a solid skill, cause they have been work on many big filming, such: The Railway Man, Wolverine, X-Men, and Unbroken.
Oh my! This reality is incredible point for the O…