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Mariah Carey on Concert duties at Sydney + Construction her totally in a Long Gown

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Believe it or not! She just love to appropriating her looks from many man in the world that doesn’t see.
Between her music hit, her glorious career and the way Mariah Carey works it in general, we’re surprised she has time to get everything.
The 44-year-old looked sultry in a black gown as she returned to concert duties at Sydney’s Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney, Australia on Monday, November 10, 2014.
Unless, may be we totally right, what do you think - Is Mariah’s portable garment got to have it or make it drawing?
The floor-length dress revealed a something point that we will never forget with sequined style, while her lovely silver earrings construction the luxurious and her long beauty hair seemed to have gracefully by lowering.
But if we talking about her private family life, told that Carey has a troubled on her relation with husband, Nick Cannon recently.
Oh no! It was not a match made in X-Men heaven and we were hop…

Natural duty! Jennifer Aniston flaunts her brilliant in a Pencil Dress at Hollywood

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Look, it ain’t easy wearing a perfect outfits in a row, so we can’t be to harsh on all the gorgeous point from Jennifer Aniston appearance.
Yes, she has done it as she turned heads into the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 2014 Governors Award at Hollywood, USA on Saturday, November 8, 2014.
The 45-year-old graced the red carpet with fiance, Justin Theroux in a number of brilliant pencil dress and flaunting her admirable and art with a string detail to displaying her lovely shoulder skin ever.
In short, it’s an enchanting fashion fantasy come to life!!
Her make-up is kept natural and sophisticated for the most part, merely punched up by a glossy reinfusion lipstick, allowing off her flawless complexion to shine on its own.
Jennifer also embellished her dazzling with a cute earrings, a simple small bag and kept her pixie do with a classic heels which absolutely showing this slightly ensemble to more youthful look.
Though we like thi…

Barbra Streisand constructs off her Hair, Is unique with new pixie style at New York

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Sorry, Pamela Anderson - it’s looking you might not win for the year’s most shocking pixie cut.
As you know, Barbra Streisand’s being more older, but her newest character is still drawing from her art.
Constructing her long blonde hair into a unique value, the 72-year-old pulled out yet another daring and unstopping show at New York, USA on Tuesday, November 11, 2014.
And who could possible be more surprising than Queen P? How about Beyonce Knowles? That’s right the former.
The actress has styled off her locks and is now modeling a very chic style of rocking cord to tie.
I don’t know how she is very cute on today appearance while strolling with a male friends for something easy point of business with those private documents alongside her sleeve.
But if we talking about the legendary, Babra certainly conscious about herself as she dressed in a dark maxi dress with a classic long bracelet, a smart shoulder bag and a matching leather boots to brush…

The spectacular space! Mel Gibson has put his US$30 MILLION villa at Costa Rica on market

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We’re always impressed when a big idea telling out about the incredible.
But fear or not, Mel Gibson has put his Wild Villa at Nicoya, Costa Rica on the market for estimated US$30 MILLION, which the actor has owned since 2005 for $24 Million.
Prior to the ownership, the stunning Cattle ranch in Guanacaste Province, near Samara is set in 500 square acres with outstanding tropical forest and magnificent beaches.
The spectacular peninsular property had a number of famous residents, as well. . . . . .8 bathrooms and 7 master bedrooms with pool, verandahs, stone courtyards and more for just starters!
Oh my! It’s really perfect destination for living space and also the community
Wait! the breathtaking abode was actually first. . . . . .So, let’s check out for more!!!

In all the glory for Hunger Games! Elizabeth Banks strolls in a red long gown at Germany

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We could get lost in our eyes, despite Elizabeth Banks was hypnotized us in her close and personal dress for Hunger Games premiere.
The 40-year-old strolled into the red carpet in a gorgeous red long gown to the event at Berlin, Germany on Tuesday, November 11, 2014! Thanks to her backless region.
And the actress showcasing her incredible in all the glory as she delighted her fresh face with a simple make-up and styled her long blonde hair to charming look.
Proving that a crop can be skin baring and sophisticated, Elizabeth kept her charm to feeling fresh with a unique earrings and getting wonderful with those gold small bag and high heels.
We seriously don’t know how she does it, but Banks totally out did herself by going excellent on this red carpet appearance.
Some one has a favorite design and we have to admit, the brighter colors look fantastic on her! Then again, What doesn’t look good on Elizabeth Banks??

Meg Ryan and boyfriend, John Mellencamp walk down at the Manhattan Street in Jazzy idea

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Thing could save if we say that Meg Ryan and her boyfriend, John Mellencamp are suitable couple.
And the managed to looked smitten in each other well as the pair were snapped to walking at the Downtown Manhattan street in New York, USA on Monday, November 10, 2014.
The 52-year-old actress kept her outfit in mostly jazzy idea with just a red dress, high boots and a dark coat, while the 63-year-old was clearly pleased with his simple style, plus the cigarette too.
Where, oh where did the ring go? We imagine it was just a pretty ring wanted to put on that finger or we’ll watch them walk all day.
Either way, these two are pretty private about their relationship, so until they decide to comment on it, we’ll just have to keep an eye out for that sparkler to come back!!!

Jennifer Lawrence is the Cinderella in a White Dress at London! Looking complete by Christian Dior Gown

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We’re confused, cause we though Jennifer Lawrence was playing the famous nun turned governess in a TV version of the Sound of Music.
And yet this dress suggests she’s playing the famous princess from Cinderella as the actress raised the fashion stakes at the Hunger Games premiere in London on Monday, November 10, 2014.
The 24-year-old looked stunning in a white gown by Christian Dior that featured a high slit and pretty matching amplitude design on underneath.
This is definitely one of our favorites and Jennifer completed her red carpet appearance with just a unique line of high heels, plus tried to surf her long hair character into different style and perfectly applied Smokey eye make-up.
We don’t know who we want to win! It’s a horrible agenda for the clothing judge while Julianne Moore, Elizabeth Banks and etc have entrance with their great garment vocabulary.
Do they award Palme d’Ors for fashion? They must should be!!!

Katie Price walks and Glamour in a Jumpsuit! Pull out the climate for London weather

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Some cold weather didn’t stop Katie Price from wearing a revealing outfit.
The 36-year-old stole the show at Hunger Games premiere at London on Monday, November 10, her daring combine of jumpsuit that revealed, well, a ton of wonderful anatomy.
To complete her glamour ensemble, Katie let her long hair tresses down to flow went for a barely there natural make-up look.
With all that argument, we think a soft lipstick and a set of true Smokey eye would’ve done bell some favors.
Am I just writing into an echo chamber here? Price decided to pull out all our attention to stop, because she walked the red carpet with her luck husband, Kieran Hayler who showing his handsome point in a matching color suits to detailing their romance moment.
Katie Price, who is often conservative when it comes to dressing, made the most of the slightly climate with the racy element.
The duo were simply stunning!! Don’t you agree??

Julianne Moore’s amazing in a Long Gown at London! Thanks to Balenciaga and Jessica McCormack

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Just because “Spring Break” in the title, it doesn’t mean that she is targeting old girls!
We’re all about being frugal to fashion conscious, but Julianne Moore has taken it to another level on the red carpet for Hunger Games premiere at London on Monday, November 10, 2014.
The actress might be showing off her slip by the wings, but we can forgive her this time on the fact that she still looks so good!
Julianne is 53-year-old and proud of it, displaying her amazing figure in this dark long gown, which design by Balenciaga.
Now this is what you call a new mom glow and Moore decided to mix things with a pair of pendant earrings by Jessica McCormack, plus wearing a strappy heels, while she carried a smart clutch bag.
Thanks to the dress’s silky natural sequin to draping among her shoulders, the elegant number emphasized her super slim new anatomy, which the world has already gotten glimpses of in the last.
Anyway, the lady was rather swoon-worthy…

Nicole Kidman’s Stylist in a Chinese long dress on Museum of Modern Art at New York

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While we’re totally looking forward to her performing, everybody will be need a best sparkling.
Nicole Kidman certainly have the voice of an angel as she headed to the Museum of Modern Art at New York, USA on Friday, November 7, 2014.
All we can say is Nicole did it perfectly and she tried to exploring the Chinese historical culture into the high modern aspect of fashion stylist.
Come on! You could’ve picked something from the unbelievable point with those red long dress by Louis Vuitton. . . . . . .In short, this was a full barreled Technicolor assault on a quarter millennium old set of traditions.
The wild grill belt, a discipline box of small bag and a pair of cute heels have drawn criticism for glorifying what amounted to the indentured servitude of woman.
Please, don’t talk to me about her beauty long blonde hair who viewing our natural expectation to be so kind.
So different and so much better from her never ending look. . . . . . . . .We wouldn’t s…

Kate Beckinsale has a classic point in a Plunge Dress on Battersea Power party in Los Angeles

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Surely, there’s not exactly anything unique or different going on, but it’s really can not go wrong with a simple polished look.
And we love that Kate Beckinsale kept it classic from head to toe, because she framed it perfectly to Battersea Power Station Global Launch party at Los Angeles on Thursday, November 6, 2014.
The 41-year-old explored her gorgeous value into a white plunge dress and make her neckline to be anything with a big gold necklace.
Completing her presentation to the imagination, the British lady highlighted her long hair into one side of high bun among her impressive skin of natural make-up and coordinated her steps in a sweet cream heals by Louboutin.
Wait! The actress endured our emotional with a sparkling small bag. . . . .Of course, it’s really inspired idea for our fashion vocabulary to the next.
Leave it up to this rowdy and randy rabble-rouser to make lace anything for everything and she was made sure to pull off q…

Katharine McPhee lights up the People’s Choice Awards in a Geometric Short Dress at Los Angeles

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What is going on here? In just two months, Katharine McPhee showed off her already more slim.
The singer tried to be the perfect package on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Lighting up her stunning in a geometric short dress, the 30-year-old didn’t look like she’s got any extra weight still on as she making sure to make the center of attention with her amazing svelte and long legs.
All to herself! The former American Idol accentuated the gravity with a cute pair of green high heels and accommodated her dazzling face in just a simple make-up, plus tried to announced her another great charm by lowering her lovely hair into acquitted style.
And to displaying her sophisticated point, Katharine drawing her all beauty figure up on the lucky chair, before talking so briefly on the podium.
Hmmm, we’re not sure about the glasses, but we’re glad to see her while putting some effort into her wonderful…

Turning up! The Singer, Jewel exudes elegance in a Blue Dress on the Meredith Vieira show

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While no doubt painful, Jewel revealed why she decided to say “NO” for her new job as hosting on Saturday Night Live.
You know I was offered to host SNL and I turned it down, because I am an idiot.”
The 40-year-old added, “You’ve said that you have very few regrets in life, you’ve accomplished so much, but one of regrets has to do with this building, something that happened in this building. What was it?
Turning up on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 edition of The Meredith Vieira show, the singer exuded her elegance beauty in a blue dress. . . . .Really, she looked more traditional with those knitting on the two side of her shoulder.
And she’s satisfying our eyes as she accessorized her charm with a lovely pair of pearl earrings and her simply make-up, plus the delicious sentences of her long blonde hair.
It’s amazing how quickly woman come up after divorce for 16 years relation from the rodeo star husband, Ty Murray on July as E!online report…

Padma Lakshmi back to the gym activity at New York, But today quite difference

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Talk about a gorgeous Mama! On Thursday, November 6, 2014, Padma showed off her already-slim body at New York, NY, USA.
The top Chef take all the credit for the success key of flawless as she was snapped to leaving her gym regime and the pounds continue to melt off her already frame.
Combine all our favorite outfit for sport, the 44-year-old displayed her amazingly toned in a blue top and dark spandex, which satisfying all the attention with her perfect form of belly result.
With her hair in a tight pony tail, Padma Lakshmi embellished her casual activity with a cute pink of sporty footwear, a pair of ray ban and protected her body skin from the rainy day with a jacket.
Like, what is it with this whole fantastic figure??
Well, not really, because she totally took her innocent moment into her Instagram account.
But she may have finally pushed things too far when she made a delicious thinks during entered her private car.
Am I wrong? Hey, just…

Debra Messing is moving in alone to her new $5.45 Million apartment at Manhattan

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Oh we think Debra Messing is finally getting very comfortable here.
The 46-year-old just bought herself a luxurious apartment who build in 1928 at the Upper East Side condo in Manhattan, NY, USA for $5.45 million.
Wow! No word on whether, Debra is moving in alone after split on September 2014 from boyfriend, Will Chase. . . . . . .Of course, the gallery already seemed to be in a new state of mind.
After all, the actress got a new big project and she assured that the Mysteries of Laura show will be stepping on the top of World Television show.

Amy Adams offers her glow in a Long Gown! Perfect art for LACMA at Los Angeles

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We have learned that Amy Adams is happy with her decision to attended the LACMA art at Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
And we loved it when everyone get in high spirit as the 40-year-old showed off her glowing complexion in blue long gown.
The actress offered a glimpse with the lower on the center and speaking more about allegiance with her long blonde hair into lovely curls.
Once again, her make-up look was totally flawless while a cute little stone of earrings hanging so beauty to accompanied her dramatically art, plus the perfect combination of diamond ring and grey bracelet on the left side.
We just knew we needed this glorious lady to rock the carpet among our attention on Entertainment brand.
Stay tune to watching all about her experience on . . . .Surely, you are on the right destination!!!
No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who i…

Hello handsome boys! Toni Garn being fantastic in a White Gown on LACMA art at Los Angeles

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It’s obvious that event for a diamond look, every time is carefully chosen.
And Toni Garrn definitely earned points for being fantastic and she surprisingly know how to work it on LACMA art at Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
The 22-year-old flattered her stunning figure in a white gown with a long sleeve, featuring an elegant of spherical object  . . . .Really, it’s so scrumptious!!!
Drawing her long blonde hair into one side, the ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio looked very engagingly with a just natural make-up and a little cute of diamond ring to accompanied her luxury personality, plus the nice dialectics of high heels.
Hello handsome boys! We didn’t know why, but there’s something about this dress that could make us to afraid.. . . .We’ve felt on the outer of space.
Is there such at thing as too much? No, her final touch, her hair style and the Smokey eyes were impeccable.
Please, share you ways, Friends!! Of course on the comment…