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Melanie Brown flashes her gorgeous legs in a Long Gown on MOBO award at London

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We know Stephen Belafonte loves his wife, and today, we can clearly see why.
It’s simple but beautiful as Melanie Brown looked so chic and polished while attending the MOBO awards as co-hosted in London, England on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.
Wearing the dress design by Julien McDonald, the 39-year-old kept things on the more sophisticated side with an elegant flowing white floor-length gown.
Of course, it also seemed like the garment design hugged those amazing anatomy a little too well with a high split on the left corner.
Adding even more height to her already statuesque frame with a pair of towering gold heels, the singer confidently strutted her stuff alongside her husband, despite being at risk of suffering in her daring outfit.
His suit was just perfect in a clean-cut, simplistic way . . . Letting his lady value to shine so beautifully!
Maybe, this is what we call owning the red carpet and those stunning hair style, a cute s…

Sarah Murdoch exudes elegance in a long gown as she attends the State Library of Victoria with Husband at Melbourne

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It is believed Sarah Murdoch has had the dramatic footsteps for the today show
The 42-year-old was spotted out to the State Library of Victoria at Melbourne, Australia on Thursday, October 23, 2014 with husband, Lachlan.
Definitely gives a lot of meaning, the presenter easily defied her ‘first lady’ value in a smart long dark gown and thanks for her 15 years dedication as the wife.
Her blonde hair was styled so perfectly in short among her beautiful earrings, a cute white small bag and finishing off her dauntless steps in a high heels, while Lachlan displaying the fashion look in a simplistic suit.
And apparently, the great father was incredibly found his talent as he put his educationist words up on the podium for the annual of Sir Keith Murdoch Oration.
Wow! This is really a memorable moment and I couldn’t choose who is the lucky person?
Well, it is possible, but it just didn’t happen at the MTV Movie Awards! We were a little d…

Padma Lakshmi wears a Green Dress as she steps out from her apartment at New York

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Awww! We love seeing Padma Lakshmi out and about, especially if she was scheduled to buying a lovely garment.
The top chef looked sleek in a green sleek knee-dress as she waved to the photographer cameras while leaving her apartment at New York, USA on Monday, October 20, 2014.
In natural beauty, the 44-year-old stepped out with only a brown handbag and a sweet red high heels to notice the chilly weather of California.
Look like some pretty typical bohemian stuff to us and Padma’s long legs really tell by perfectly among her outfit.
Think her behavior was as predictable as her style??? We also dazed to her natural hair style and make-up free. . . . . . . . . .Seemed to be in good spirits for our healthy live!!!

Kitty Spencer shimmers in a Red Long Gown as she heads the British Soldier gala at London

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As a niece of Princess Diana, I think Lady Kitty Spencer was always so particular about detail, passionate about getting things right.
So the 23-year-old certainly didn’t disappoint as she headed the Give Time Us Gala at London, England on Sunday, October 19, 2014 in a shimmering red number.
The stunning brunette opted for a sleeveless and floor-length gown which made her beauty appear such her aunt while walking alongside her mother, Vitoria Aitken.
In sleek and sophisticated show, Kitty teamed the fitted garment with a Smokey eyes, a cute white handbag and kept her long blonde hair in a loose curls.
Hello, the British soldiers! We’re loving your event in the Corinthia Hotel London and Spencer was showing her curves in plenty of wonderful ways!
Definitely gives a lot of meaning to the saying “less is more!” A golden opportunity for the right thing!!!

Paulina Rubio displays super short short with Nike shoes at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch at West Hollywood

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NOrmally, our eyes go straight to Paulina Rubio’s clothes, when we spot the single out and about at West Hollywood, USA on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.
This time, however, all of our attention is focused on the 43-year-old’s summer short, which also featured flattering dark coat among her blue shirt and a panther straw hat.
Of course, it’s so cute as Mother of one, Andrea was heading to Los Angeles for a short trip to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in a sporty Nike shoes to rigid her steps.
According to a report from the, the singer has been tied the knot for divorced in March after 7 years marriage with husband, Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera and Paulina hires private detective to prove her husband is irresponsibility man.
WOw, It’s sound like thing are frightening. What’s the deal with that?
Either way, she’s definitely give a lot of meaning to the saying “good is more” for today show and her beauty long blonde curl, a sungla…

Michelle Rodriguez sparkles in a Long Gown as she steps so naturally at the Angel Ball in New York

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Who doesn’t love an excuse to wear fancy clothes and frolic around in them?
Wonder no more! She was gave to us a wonderful gift for our fashion inscription and Michelle Rodriguez sauntered down so perfectly into the red carpet at the Angel Ball.
The actress has dazzled in her unstopping long dark dress as she wanted to be comfortable for her delivery show at New York, USA on Monday, October 20, 2014.
We could only assume that Michelle was trying to evoke the same sort of reaction. . . .But please, she’s really gorgeous with those dialectics around the photographer camera.
In a good humored, the San Antonio native certainly need some assistance to negotiated the steps while heading into the event.
And she looked uncannily like the beauty Princess of South America with her softly make-up that combined with a cute gold necklace, and the perfectly long hair style in wavy curls.
Well! this is certainly one way to make her fashion week debut is obvio…

Doutzen Kroes steps out in a Short Dress on the Hollywood Awards at Beverly Hills

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How exciting for Doutzen Kroes to already be on the radar again!
Yap, the Supermodel is back to its pre-baby splendour after displaying her final workout result at the Hollywood Awards in Beverly Hills, USA on Monday, October 24, 2014.
And despite only welcoming second child, Myllena Mae into the world in July 30, the 29-year-old does not shy to showing off her long lean limbs in a minuscule white short dress.
What do you think, buddy?
The Dutch native really has a body hang-up just like everyone else on the Four Seasons Hotel. . . . . . . . . .But it’s very too perfect for us.
Her long blonde hair’s trying to explain about more while falling around her shoulder, the minimal make-up looks selected to perfect among her fresh face and her brown high heels really has success to flaunting her enviable pins of footprint.
Doutzen, we love you with everything and more and more and more. . . . .And Kroes was smiling so sweet to our posit…

Liberty Ross keeps up her unique point in a Long Dress as she heads the Elle Awards at Beverly Hills

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While her style usually veers on the unusual, this brightly design outfit could not be beat.
So, when we spotted Liberty Ross wearing this unique long black dress with a brown leather sheer on her waist, we just had to find out where she got it.
Luckily, we discovered the incredible style as the 36-year-old headed at Elle’s 21st annual Women Awards at Beverly Hills, CA, USA on Monday, October 20, 2014.
The unique dress was tight so beautifully with her long hair and flared around her perfect anatomy with a smart cutting to providing an easy mobility
Smoky, fun, and have a good vibrations. . . . . . .At least, the model certainly did not stop to sign for a sweet smiling to us and photographers.
If ever there was an opportunity to put in a good words for herself on the magazinecover, this was definitely it for totally.
Oh, and Liberty Ross was wonderfully on there as well.

Cindy Crawford steps out in a Short Dress with leather Jacket on an event at Beverly Hills

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Every day is a fashion show for the hardest working woman, but this rocking design has a definite asylum-wear feel.
And Cindy Crawford made another fashion statement on Thursday, October 16, 2014 as she stepped out at Beverly Hills, CA, USA with husband, Rande Gerber for the Delete Blood Cancer event.
The supermodel looked lovely in a pretty dark short dress, which she decided to dress down with a cropped leather jacket.
With her natural beauty beaming in the night show who hosted by Jimmy Choo,  the 48-year-old’s long hair were coiffured to perfection and she’s totally more elegant with her adventure heels, plus a smart hand bag.
It’s the look that’s got everyone buzzing!
So we exclusively still find the time to go out to dinner with our eyes.
No matter what her reasons, we love her for it. . . . . . . .And you have to keep a relation alive, Cindy!

Brooke Shields’s Still Got It! These Beauty Do NOT Lie as she heads the event at New York

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We can’t tell that Brooke Shields likes to showing off more about her beautifully point.
The actress’s so chic, even just grabbing a bite to eat, but on those fashion garment at New York City, USA on Thursday, October 16, 2014. . . . .She’s really not lonely.
Just doing flawless in a dark pretty tassel dress, the 49-year-old always knows about how to make a noteworthy statement with her clothing to the Lyric Theatre visitor.
Wearing a minimal make-up, letting her honey long hair were perfectly styled to the centre. . . .Oh please, the American beauty looked more drawing with her white earrings, a cute small bag, and finishing her elegant legs with a high heels.
Time to spice up your suit and you are too pretty to be wearing the old thing every time.
If they cut off about 2 feet of material, it would have completely changed the look for the better. . . .We love you, Brooke!!!

Irina Shayk looks stylish in a Pencil Skirt at ASPCA event in New York

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Who in their right mind would be able to get out of bed and leave Pearl?
Well, we’ve seen Irina Shayk out and about, so here the Supermodel was spotted in a cute sweater and a leather pencil skirt at New York, USA on Thursday, October 16, 2014.
The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo made a very special announcement on ASCPA Young Friend Benefit, but who is her colleague in the event?
Oh my, the adorable dog appeared to be a Pomeranian and was snapped snuggling in between Irina’s sleeves.
Of course, there were plenty of photographer attention will took several snaps for their high notes.
Her long hair looked styled to perfection in a pony tail and the pale skin star also sported a hint of a tan with softly make-up in equally between the pair of high heels.
We really love to seeing her sassy side!!!
All right, Irina Shayk, we seen you and she concocted a way to make everyone happy, although on the end of result was amazing.

Selena Gomez shows off her Loveliness in a Gorgeous Dress as she promotes her new film, Rudderless on Jimmy Fallon studio in Los Angeles

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Look how happy she is, it’s really so nice to see.
Of course we’re so pleased she’s found someone special as Selena Gomez was snapped to promoted her new film, Rudderless on the Jimmy Fallon studio at Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.
But she’s not going with a handsome man, she just showed off about what’s the exactly result from her fashion show attention in a beauty summer womenswear line.
The 22-year-old displayed her coveted front row spot in a nice low cut top and pencil skirt by Balmain and she had clearly nothing to worry about.
The singer’s funny face was excited to reveal her latest piece of loveliness art treatment, while her hair style talking so briefly on a messy bun with centre style and her cute high heels accompanied the perfect legs in very elegant perform for the all eyes.
Wait! She tried to explain more about the cut area on the right side of her dress. . . . .We’re really love about her sassy point.

Blake Lively glares her Bump in a long “Champagne" dress on Golden Heart Awards at New York

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Somewhere over the. . .brighten up everyone’s day in a glaring gown.
Blake Lively was looking super stylish in a long champagne dress while headed the God’s Love We Deliver, Golden Heart Awards at New York, USA on Thursday, October 16, 2014.
In safe and good situation, the Mommy to be kept her make-up to fresh and natural with a shimmering earrings, glossy her long blonde hair hung loose and ended her fashion story with a comfortable brown coat.
Wow, the 27-year-old looked very unique and pretty comfy, too! We’re so excited to see her pregnancy style evolve as the bump on more growing.
I came from a big family, a big family of Southerners," The actress told to E! and she added: “I feel like I’ve always sort. . . .I’m the youngest of five, so I never raised any siblings below me, but I’m always the person who’s talking everyone else’s kid and putting them on my hip, so I’ve kind always been a mama."
We’re not going to…

Gigi Hadid stands in a gorgeous Short Dress on Golden Heart Awards at New York

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Guess there is such a thing as too sweet, cause there’s no way she reached her another full potential in this time.
Gigi Hadid was dressed to the nines, and in the best way, for the God’s Love We Deliver, Golden Heart Awards at New York, USA on Thursday, October 16, 2014.
Wearing a short silver dress, the 19-year-old showed that her youthful life agrees with her as she positively glowed.
The resemble color of high heels completed the look while Gigi let her long blonde hair flowing loose over her shoulders and accompanied her beauty finger with a cute handbag.
Despite wearing minimal make-up, the model still managed to look flawless.
We especially appreciate about how she matched her great pose skill for the photographer alongside a fresh red big flower.
It’s such a How the secretary outfit! She’d be every boss dream. . . . . .Am I wrong? Oh Ya, thanks for your very sweet smiles.

Adriana Lima covers up in an elegant gown for ICW bash at Dubai

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When it comes to swimwear, few people know more about What’s a kind for her idealistic careers - or spend more time in it.
And her latest appearance was grab our attention as Adriana Lima seemed to be channeling her beauty for IWC “Timeless Portofino" Fashion Dinner at Dubai, UAE on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.
But Why? The 33-year-old looked more corpulent than usually on these event as she showed that she’s like a lot of working mothers in a silver long gown.
I’m not a fashion critics, maybe her uncomfortable relation with husband, Marko Jaric for 5 years which going separately on May have been make the supermodel to bewildered.
No matter what happen for us, It really is the gift that keeps on giving.
If the A-list price tag puts you off but you’d still like to trace Adriana’s style, the options could you find on the photo gallery and don’t afraid to flaunt it!!!