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Heidi Klum wants to effectiveness Bon Jovi’s $37.5 Million penthouse at New York

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It may a gorgeous exclusive news, but Heidi Klum has decided to keep her good fortune to herself.
After she selling her private house with ex-husband, Seal for $25 million, the 41-year-old seemed to be going pretty brilliant by effectiveness her capital to buy Bon Jovi’s $37.5 Million penthouse at Soho in New York as told.
Wow, Could you compared the value between 25 and 37.5? Now rich buyers are being sought.
The Supermodel still using the fund to take the room which has an area of 7, 452 feet that consist: 2 kitchens, formal living space, eleven foot ceilings, projection room and direct entry elevator, plus a wood burning fireplace.
Thankfully, no one was injured and there are no whisperings that her boyfriend, Vito Schnabel looked to be getting more closer with Heidi’s four children’s.
For real?! If she still plans on having a roommate, or even guests who spend the night, we can only imagine there would a…

Nicole Kidman spoils her beauty in a Long Dress as she promotes Omega watch at South Korea

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There’s nothing sad about her constantly show and we think, she’s always look lovely.
So of course, Nicole Kidman had to be the centre of attention during Omega watch Launch agenda at South Korea on Thursday, October 2, 2014.
The 47-year-old made sure to stand out in a dark long dress, which featured cross over detailing with a diamond belt to sparkling her slim anatomy.
To sharing another marvelous point, the actress wears her long hair in a wavy style and push her totally elegant charm with a pretty diamond necklace, plus a beauty gleam of bracelets.
Wow, It’s just too very excellent for us! This woman who wife of lucky man ever, Keith Urban definitely has a bright fashion future ahead of her.
Which is why when her beauty language was burglarized in a positive outlook and a dash of womanly charm also comes in handy.
Keeping your perfect look for together, Nicole. . . . . . . .We definitely looking forward to seeing what the ne…

Elisabetta Canalis proves her beauty in a Mini Dress as she walks alone at Beverly Hills

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Elisabetta Canalis is not one to shy away from saying good night to her ex-boyfriend, George Clooney.
And during enjoyed some down time, the Italian beauty was spotted to walking alone at the street in Beverly Hills, USA on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 in a blue mini dress.
The 36-year-old choose to keep her hair to sportive style and keeping her accessories to a minimum with a tan clutch bag, a pair of sunglasses, plus a healthy sneakers to finish off her look.
Oh ya! Congratulation for your great wedding day at Sardinia on Sunday.
Of course, the scene inside those beautiful church ever in the Sassari Cathedral were much make us so loveliness when the tie of knot locked yours lips and offered the great future in the process.
Well, this is certainly one way to make her fashion week debut after the ceremony.
Once again, we feel obligated to point on this style character moment is extremely perfect from every angle of fashion vocabulary. . . . . .…

Gigi Hadid embodies her own Fashion phrase in a Golden Dress alongside Kendall Jenner at Paris

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There are so many beautiful girls around that you need more than that, and it’s really about being smart.
Turning it into an amazing brains for us, Gigi Hadid embodied her own turn of phrase, looking fierce in sequins and serves at Paris, France on Tuesday, October 30, 2014.
The 19-year-old rocked the CR Fashion Book Party in a golden dress with dramatically very low neckline to displaying her another beauty point
Definitely gives a lot of meaning to saying “The Winner for the night"
But why? her friend, Kendall Jenner did not look as usually as she performed her charm in a long black top and just adding her ensemble steps in a pair of high heels.
Arguably the most lady stars working for today, the duo have been remained to us about the perfect harmonization of properly performance.
Now that’s the best way to work it! Gigi, we can’t wait to see what else is in store for you.

Elizabeth Banks takes the great weather in a White Dress as she heads up the Charity event at Los Angeles

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Oh my, little did she know about her career would be more better because the great fashion vocabulary.
And inside this magical appearance, Elizabeth Banks opted to go a completely beauty in a white dress as she headed out to charity event at Los Angeles on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.
The actress was seen unstopped smiling, clearly enjoying her time while wore her long blonde hair into a smart bun and delegated her outfit with a cute yellow hand bag, plus a pair of matching high heels to finishing her diamond show.
So, Which ensemble was you favorite? Honestly, if she’s not using a fragrance. . . . .It’s could still to burn our noses to the top temperature of earthly paradise.
And with those perfect point of two thumbs, she looked pretty amazing! All that was missing was a motorcycle. . . . . .If I’m not wrong to ended my sentences??

Lana Del Rey taking it to the Red Maxi Dress as she walks with boyfriend at New York

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Would it be weird if we gave her a round of applause? Cause, Lana Del Rey is already continued to showing her fashion constantly.
Surely, it help that the 29-year-old gets to sit front row to the hottest trend on the street runaway.
And now, the singer was spotted to spent her romantic moment with boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini at the street in New York on Monday, September 29, 2014.
Lana looked very beauty in a red long maxi dress that matched with her jelly shoes as she smiled her way through a chilly day by walking hand in hand with the Italian born photographer for Vogue.
In summer style, Del Rey stayed true to her girly fashion style by teaming up her show with a cute shoulder bag, lovely necklace, and drawing her long hair into a sweet pony tails.
But the Queen show did not seem to mind her man’s less fashionable look as he dressed her gentleman point in a matching jeans, dark sport shoes by converse, and  a pair of sun…

Bella Thorne beats the heat in a Maxi Dress as she makes a fashion statement at New York

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Basking in the event with her special garment design, Bella Thorne looked like the picture of perfect.
In maximum style, the 16-year-old is currently making the most of what New York Fashion Rocks 2014 has to over.
The actress made a bold style choice in a green maxi dress for an outing at the event in New York on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.
The unusual frock bared her shoulders and the horizontal stripes on the top, plus vertical stripes on the skirt ensured her slender figure was accentuated.
She let her long blond hair do the talking and added some glamour to her ensemble with a cut gold necklace, a several bracelets, and finished her beauty charm in a pair of high heels.
What do you think, friends? One thing is clear - She is definitely on the center of red carpet radar.
It’s the Bella Thorne effect! It even affects her majesty!
Not to mention, it would be great practice and exposure for her to start out working for the brand…

Leighton Meester keeps it natural in a Short Dress as she promotes St. Rillian at Tokyo

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Just take a look at this ensemble, she is totally working on this design roll to catch our fleeting fashion eyes.
Leighton Meester looked the picture of sophistication by stingy garment as she attended the event to promote the Jewellery product, St. Rillian at Tokyo on Thursday, September 25, 2014.
Keeping her make-up to a minimum, the 28-year-old accentuated her stunning long legs in a white short dress, which clung to her perfect figure in all the right places.
Her long beauty hair kept it lady shape to more natural while the actress announced the newest sweet smile ever to the audiences by her educatively well-spoken as the pair of strappy heels telling more about extravaganza.
Yap, Adam Brody wife was make things even better with those positive attitude and we have nothing bad to say about her killing figure in the right wardrobe department show.
Blue, White, Yellow and also the brown color to ended the stylish are a…

Kelly Brook is simply dazzling in a Mini Skirt as she walks alone at Los Angeles

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It’s hard to ignore that Kelly Brook is the best for her vocabulary of fashion statement.
And when she was looking sleek and chic in a grey mini skirt at the street in Los Angeles on Thursday, September 25, 2014, to overlook she would be frankly impossible.
The 34-year-old was talking a perfect point, which she combined her style argument with a blue low cut T-Shirt, a sweet chain of shoulders bag, and a cute strappy heels to sparkling her beauty legs.
Styling her long hair to the storm, she also shielded her eyes with a big brown of sunglasses and surely hugging the paparazzi to helping her for the parking meter problem.
So, where is her husband will be, David McIntosh? Look at her rocking beauty point. . . It could be make another man to staying busy in true.
Because she was throwed $500,000 a week for hire luxurious vessel, the Titania during their honeymoon session in Mykonos, Greece to preparing their wedding day on next…

Emily VanCamp looks autumnally in an Orange Dress as she snaps up an attention at Seth Meyers show

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The situation is very cold, do you feel it?
Yes, I do cause Emily VanCamp was literally the moment to just admiring how beauty she is at the Late Night show with Seth Meyers on Thursday, September 25, 2014.
The 28-year-old showed off her positively glowing in an orange chiffon dress, which teaming her lovely legs appearance with the twins color of cute high heels.
But there’s something amazing point with her crown style as she structuring her long blonde hair into an elegant French braid and styled her face with softly make-up to tousled her natural figure
The actress appeared in a jovial mood, laughing freely and chatting happily with the host while her sweet diamond earrings looked autumnally among her youthful beauty skin.
So much for the peace and her presence in the studio has rightfully gardened quite a bit of attention.
We wouldn’t change a thing - brava, VanCamp!

Jenny McCarthy goes lovely in a cream dress on stroll with husband, Donnie Wahlberg at Las Vegas

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It’s an elegance choice for anything from wedding to a party and we love that the prim neckline means you can get away with a super short hemline.
Yap, Jenny McCarthy clearly intent on keeping the bridal vibes going when it comes to her style at Las Vegas on Thursday, September 25, 2014.
The 42-year-old wore a cream short dress she was snapped to walked around with new husband, Donnie Wahlberg after their appearance on Dirty Funny Comedy show at The LINQ.
With her trademark blonde hair to down and softly make-up applied to her visage, Jenny looked gorgeous yet comfortable, while her handsome man put her legally charm in a black jacket and jeans with a cute detective hat.
Those buttons on her jacket are very 007 inspired - we like it, thus we think this sparkly, beauty is away to more fun.
At least, he’s saving the good for the American rose. . . . . . Totally approve of that!!!!

Brooke Shields gets gorgeous in a brown dress as she attends Days And Nights premiere in New York

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The only things we like about her outfit are the miss delicious garment, her sweetest thing of smile, and those elementary appearance.
At least she got those thing right as Brooke Shields went lovely in a brown dress at the premiere of Days And Nights in New York on Thursday, September 25, 2014.
And the 49-year-old styled her blonde hair into a new flawless curls, which complemented her look with a cute gold watch, exotic necklace and brown high heels.
So now, the big question is.. . . . .Would she be going to a shirtless pool party afterward and where is our invite?
Okay we’re back! Don’t you just love a lady in suits? But obviously, Brooke was our favorite, which is why she was front and center of Hollywood history. . . . . . . . . .It’s totally Truly!!!

Jessica Simpson arresting sight in a Beauty Skirt as she steps out for lunch at New York

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You could not really tell on the red carpet, but when Jessica Simpson was presenting her flawless garment, it became pretty clear.
It’s a good thing while the 34-year-old made for an arresting sight as she stepped out for lunch at Trattoria Dell'Arte restaurant in New York on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.
The new bride looked fashionable in a sheer blue compartment skirt and grey symmetrical top, which teamed her show with a big dark belt, dark bag and a prettyful pair of high heels.
Her long blonde hair tresses down so beauty among her shoulders with a chic of pair aviator sunglasses and kept her make-up on softly point.
And was it not a good look? Fantastically done, friends!
We’ll admit it, we were kind of hoping Jessica would wear her wedding dress again.
Instead, Simpson ditched a luxurious lace dress for a much beauty look at the Today show.
But Why? She replaced her full name being Jessica Johnson. . . . . . . . .W…

Rachel Hunter puts her slim legs on display by wearing cute denim shorts at West Hollywood

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Rachel Hunter is obviously one fit lady, but recently she was snapped to run for another possible.
Oh no! That’s kind makes it hard to get our workout on as the 45-year-old jogged to and from Hugo’s restaurant at West Hollywood on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.
While maintaining her busy schedule, the Supermodel looked relaxed in her extremely a skimpy denim shorts, which she completed with white casual chic, a cute brown leather bag and grey sportswear.
She tied her hair up in a high knot bun, and wore sunglasses to save herself the bother of applying make-up.
How cute is that? Don’t worry that’s a rhetorical question!!!