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Sienna Miller takes the good place in a beauty Long Gown on Foxcatcher premiere at London

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It’s clear that Sienna Miller is a leading lady and also on the red carpets she is appearing on.
Just when we’d finally gotten over how fabulous her on the last ensemble was, the 32-year-old went and wore this gown at the Premiere of Foxcatcher in London on Thursday, October 16, 2014.
Looking like the goddess of love, the actress donned a brown long dress with sheer line pattern of illusion panels to covering her decolletage and sides.
A beauty pearl earrings and the unique style of her hair, which were perfectly showcased thanks to her fashion statement for today.
And in case you’re wondering, yes, this is how the garment does funeral wear. . . . .Especially, it’s amazing design for showing these crummy shoes off
For more! Please don’t believe us? Just see to the reality scenes of footage on the images gallery to be convinced.
May to the next, What a great pairing? I just could answering the question by saying: “Brilliant.”

Shailene Woodley’s channeling her Masculine beauty for Two Shows at Manhattan

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Who else can say that? Nobody! Because Shailene Woodley has more prettiest than anybody woman in this world.
The 22-year-old has decided that the lower half is not a necessary part of an outfit as she headed her new film screening, “White Bird" at Manhattan, NY, USA on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.
In Jazz style, the actress settled up to maintain her lovely art in a blue waistcoat and trousers. . . . Ooh Miss Shailene, careful love or you’ll be showing to everyone about the unique, just kept them guessing.
It was the perfect ensemble for a warm weather, then the American beauty didn’t stop on there by added her fresh performance with a cute dark color of bandana, a simple gold of necklace and suited her stunning legs in a pair of sweet black shoes.
With manners like that, we will let the typo slide... . . .Cause, we wondering if we are her toy-boy, such Justin Bieber was? It’s born to us.
In fact, Woodley really has succes…

Gisele Bundchen teaches us with her diamond Dress on pose for Chanel no. 5 at New York

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Oh no, this is much better! Gisele Bundchen decided to ditch her great steps for a more dinner in appropriate outfit at New York, USA on Monday, October 13, 2014.
The supermodel was seen showing off her favorite poses up for Chanel No. 5 on the eyes of her great teacher ever, Karl Lagerfeld and friend, Baz Luhrmann.
Slipped her fantastic anatomy in a dark grey mini dress, the 34-year-old proving the best model need fine dinning in order to enjoy their experience.
The exceptional dress featured a dazzling earrings, cute bracelet, a luxurious handbag and teamed her magnificent legs with a pair of high heels to the pointing.
Her no fuss pixie cut and perfectly painted red lips completed her look, plus she looked to be more satisfying when her long hair replaced by comfortable around her shoulders.
Yap, It’s really a pretty good example of positive attitude for her juniors, such: Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, etc who …

Julia Roberts flaunts her tasty in Aladdin jumpsuit as she walks by herself at Los Angeles

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She’s had a few red carpet hit and misses, but Julia Roberts looked good enough to eat a meringue.
The Oscar winning actress was wearing a baggy harem jumpsuit and pink cardigan as she was snapped walking by herself at Los Angeles, USA on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.
In fundamental tasty attire, the 46-year-old certainly didn’t forget about her age while setting up her daylight performance for the next to more older, but still in really suave value.
Oh my! I’m sorry. . . . . It’s an old fashion design from Aladdin style and thanks to Robin Williams voiced for 1992 Walt Disney animated filming.
What do you think of Julia’s costumes show for today? May be this is what you call a crowd pleaser.
But she’s not Justin Bieber who usually wearing this for his appearance to defied the gravity on stage.
And actually, we’re really like it, even Roberts chunky sandals, didn’t quite tickle our fancy!!!

Penny Lancaster’s dazzling in a Mini Dress on the Mercedes-Benz event at California

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You could say that Penny Lancaster has it all.
Not only her husband Rod Stewart is the greatest musician, but she also have a natural beauty art and those complete vocabulary just owned too by Rachel Hunter.
Oh, I’m sorry. . . . .Rachel is Rod first wife and I’m really seeing Hunter taste on Penny steps show to the 2014 Carousel Of Hope Ball presented By Mercedes-Benz at Beverly Hilton Hotel in California, USA on Sunday, October 12, 2014.
The 43-year-old wore her long blonde beauty hair to down and kept her perfect anatomy to shades in a dark short dress with two penetrability element around her shoulders.
Fabulous or not? She saying positive by pretty farewell to us while embellished her simple style with a pair of diamond earrings, lovely brown bracelet, a yellow handbag, and pointed her amazing legs to shiny high heels.
Cheer up, Lancaster! Life is grand and you has been rocked out to complete those retro outfit.
Next tim…

Stephanie Seymour is back to her dreamingly in a Dress as she attends the event at New York

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We are in love with Stephanie Seymour’s a sparkly dark cardigan and leather skirt and you know who else would love it?
It’s a warm piece and the 46-year-old wore the creation to the 2014 Hamptons International Film Festival on Sunday, October 12, 2014 at East Hampton, New York, USA.
Letting her long hair loosely on a tassel, the Supermodel added her gorgeous red carpet show with just a cute brown handbag and a high heels to highlight her diamond art without overwhelming her petite figure.
While her husband! Peter Brand who standing beside her described his gentleman point in a black shirt and a smart green suit.
Classic and sophisticated, but there is always on off-beat element that retains her individual style.
We love the whole thing (in case, it wouldn’t already obvious)! Of course, she kept her guitar by nice and dreamingly. . . . . . .Am I Wrong, Friends??

Demi Moore spices up her beauty in a Maxi Dress on the Museum’s gala at Los Angeles

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So what exactly are these “Diamond Candles” we speak out? Demi Moore is a natural when it comes to turning every head.
And the 50-year-old showed more of that captivating charm as she headed the Hammer Museum’s 12 the annual gala in Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, October 11, 2014.
The actress was sporting a strapless beauty of white maxi dress, while a golden handbag and bronze of silver heels were stylish touches.
Her long beauty hair going straight to parted down around her shoulders with no fuss or frills and the stunning lady ever in Hollywood wore a natural make-up and sleek do.
We love the amazing embellished free without neckline and shoulder detail as well as the cut out hem - It’s a beautiful take on boucle and remains clean, plus the minimal whilst about glamorous and dressy.
Remember, this is an iconic yarn style worn by ladies who kept our fashion idea to simple.
So, took it classy with courts and a lady like look. . …

Selena Gomez attends the Ellen DeGeneres show in a gorgeous student dress

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Would it be weird if we gave her a round of applause? May be it’s because her beautiful words on the show.
Yes, she had only just stepped off the plane and does not waste a precious minute to party as she was spotted at launch night of Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, October 13, 2014.
By looking gorgeous in a dark student dress, Selena Gomez sandwiched a wonderful sentences to our ears and the host about being a human, by saying: “So, I know I’m not perfect, but I know I have a lot of people that support me and love me. I don’t know, I don’t wont to let anyone down."
So I just try to be the best I can be’ It’s awkward being 20. In our 20‘s,” The 22-year-old singer added.
Surprise, surprise! Her cuteness immediately rocketed our attention and she couldn’t resist having the star on the show
We wonder if all the drama about her up and down of romantic moment with Justin Bieber have really cleared up. . . . . . I think, Selena is …

Hilary Swank can fit Everything in a Unique Dress as she heads the event in New York

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Girl is gone give someone a heart attack if she keep posing on those garment.
And Hilary Swank wasn’t messing around as she attended the red carpet of the Hamptons International Film Festival on Sunday, October 12, 2014.
The stunning brunette was pictured of elegant sophistication in this figure hugging of lovely unique dress with unforgiving number, but thanks to Hilary’s slender frame.
A crop top is great for displaying her natural shoulders skin and adding a touch of gorgeous appeal of skirt if you’re very well endowed.
We’ve done a quick search of the high street, because the 40-year-old completed her beauty look with pointed white high heels and letting her hair doing simply in a bright bun.
Alright, alright! The actress is one seriously brave lady and she had to have them crawling all over her while she was going on intense.
Whatever effort she did put in went a long way. . . .  .We think it’s safe to say that her hard…

Kate Bosworth strips in a white Long Gown on Hammer Museum’s gala at Los Angeles

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You know that phrase, dance like nobody’s watching?
Well, that’s exactly what Kate Bosworth did for her appearance at the Hammer Museum’s 12 the annual gala in West Hollywood, LA, USA on Saturday, October 11, 2014.
The 31-year-old was picture of grace and beauty in a white long gown as she managed a brave smile alongside her husband, Michael Polish.
Her long blonde hair was styled to the side with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings, a cute small handbag, and the great literally of her long legs between our favorite cut-out among the golden high heels.
We know, we know, he’s so lucky! Michael looked like the epitome of cool in his white shirt and a dark cutaway.
Seemed like these two got to have a little fun dressing up! But at least we have to know that’s how they do fashion week, baby!

Naomi Watts visits the Good Morning America in a pink shirt dress at New York

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Style skills or what! Her studio looks are very classic and sophisticated.
And we are definitely full of praise for this one as Naomi Watts arrived by herself to the Good Morning America studios at New York, USA on Monday, October 13, 2014.
The 46-year-old looked chic in a beauty pink shirt dress with a smart light gray coat and a matching cute of Christian Louboutin high heels.
Try something a bit different too, the actress is nearly perfect with her long gorgeous hair loose around her shoulders alongside a unique design on her two earrings.
Do you think she knew she’d be matching the step and repeat to complete her retro outfit?
To finish things off, Naomi told something to the host about her new great spirit for her appearing on the stage: “I do want to be on Broadway - it’s a dream of mine.”
Wow, she wouldn’t fit in there. Still a nice thought

Emmy Rossum’s Elegant in a blue BodyCon Dress on Seth Meyers show at New York

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Doing good and looking good? Now that’s a dangerous combination.
And it would seem Emmy Rossum’s fashion statement was so effective that it was difficult to event tell if she was managing her appearance with wonderful point in stride.
The afternoon weather on outside is beautiful, the people on studio are lovely and the 28-year-old just so thrilled to be here at Today Show of Seth Meyers in New York, USA on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.
So how are thing between us? The actress definitely know about how to made the centre of attention as she showed off her stunning statement in a blue bodycon dress.
It’s so tight and Emmy certainly use the situation by adding her dazzling with binding her long hair tresses in a sleek bun and kept her natural value with softly make-up.
She also accentuated her ensemble with a cute grey heels to drawing her another two thumbs while displaying the incredible legs on the chair.
Very, very big thi…

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum wear a skintight jeans on family outing at New York

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What better way to make your family day than with a simple show?
The outing was obviously a casual affair as Jenna Dewan was next in line at the hotel in New York, USA on Friday, October 10, 2014.
Jenna, 33 wasn’t the only one to share her attention as her husband, Channing Tatum who has choosed as the Great Man Alive in 2012 also combined his appearanced on ones.
Looking effortlessly chic, the duo completed the daylight show with a skin tight of jeans.
The actress added some spice by layering on a white shirt for inner and a grey cardigan, plus landed her long beauty hair alongside a pair of sunglasses.
And the actor looked more relax with a blue classic blazer for the clothing, then staying his step in a pair of brown jungle boots.
Oh holy couple! Could Channing get any better? No, he was took his garment into right replacement, and the lady too!!!
Wish this great family would take each other to shopping more often, Did you?

Hilary Rhoda displays her beauty in a Blue Dress at cancer charity event in New York

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Complementing cuties!! If you weren’t interested in watching, we bet you are now.
Any who, due to her essential roll The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Symposium & Awards Luncheon, Hilary Rhoda obviously paid the event.
The 27-year-old donned an impressive outfit of a blue tight dress, which flowed over her incredible anatomy during her standing show for photographer at New York, USA on Thursday, October 9, 2014.
Well done! The actress made the rounds and seemed to enjoy every minute of camera blitz, despite her softly make-up, beauty hair into bun design and cute high heels certainly made a lot of people feel welcome.
A little too casual for the charity program. . . . All in all! You’ve got some self competition, Hilary!!!
The proof is definitely right, you are one fit and healthy lady on a mission.

Sharon Stone goes dinner with Sofia Vergara-ex Nick Loeb at Omar’s La Ranita Restaurant in New York

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Who is Nick Loeb, 38? Why he could become the Best than anything handsome man in this world?
He is the man who is almost getting married with Sofia Vergara and split on May after two years engagement .
And as US weekly report, the ex-fiance returned his romance journey with another greatest actress of Hollywood as they were snapped to enjoying a dinner at Omar’s La Ranita  in New York on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.
“Nick and Sharon were spotted out getting cozy on a double date with friends TV personality, Tom Murro and Miss New York, Jillian Tapper,” a source tell and added: “They sat caddled up in one spot the entire time.”
As seen in these exclusive photos who posted by Tom Murro into his Instagram account, Sharon Stone seen leaning so close in feeling on Nick’s chest.
This is very innocent news, but why? The 56-year-old is certainly hungry for attention at the moment.
Hey, at least this romance round appeared to be going much …

Julianne Hough dazzles her style in a White outfit at New York

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You can’t end up talking about everything as forever which is very cool.
It’s nice to be able to be like and we doesn’t have a patient to see Julianne Hough on those perfect garment while attending an event at New York, USA.
Standing so briefly by holding the Empire State Building miniature on Friday, October 10, 2014, the actress rarely opts for revealing clothes so it was quite amazed to see her in a white outfit.
The 27-year-old dazzles her stylish figure in a very low neckline top with the matching color of trousers, but where is the inner?
Nice touch! The stunning brunette was worn down her blonde hair in bouncy style that fell upon her shoulder and completed her fresh face with a light dusting of red lipstick.
People think it happens so easily, but the star really have to align the argument by telling more about a sleek point with her unstoppable sweet smile.
Who doesn’t love an excuse to wear dramatic clothes and frolic…

Maitland Ward is Pretty in a Brown short dress as she strolls on the event at Los Angeles

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We have to say those fashion statement looked radiant and serene as Maitland Ward attended the Star Magazine event at Los Angeles, USA on Thur.sday, October 9, 2014.
And the 37-year-old had managed to find an excellent anatomy show that’s really got our head to be puzzled.
Wearing a brown short dress, the actress certainly knew about how to persuaded the people around her for seeing the amazing as the star going to the perfect mix of feminine with a cute high heels and a pair of beautiful earrings to accompanied her outfit.
Surely, the pretty metallic shield which decorated around the dress has successes to assist her enviable legs for looking more strength than usually, plus the positive dialectics on the sultry long hair. . . . .It’s really the perfect combination of beauty art.
Clearly not bothered about the cold weather, her styling were everything, just wish we could say the same for her whole look to the next. . . . .…