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Unstoppable money! Leonardo DiCaprio rent out his $ 5.32 Million estate at Palm Springs for $ 4,500 a night

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Decided whether or not to save a luxury estate at Palm Springs, CA, USA is pretty easy for Leonardo DiCaprio.
The stunning residence originally allocated just $ 5.32 Million, after report: The actor bought it on February 2014.
However, the cost of renovation rose significantly invited an architect, Donald Wexler (as the statement news from, who ever designed a Coachella Valley's house of singer and actress, Dinah Shore.
Standing in 1.3 acres with 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, says that the property offers a single-level floor plan, an excellent swimming pool condition, gym, and tennis court.
Maybe that's the reason Leonardo rent out of his new middle century home and into gorgeous new ($ 4,500 a night) rental.
Hopefully the new expand business has given DiCaprio peace of mind with his unstoppable money.

Bruce Jenner plans to stay in $ 3.5 Million Mansion at Malibu, after the Car accident

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We can't see how we will ever have enough houses to suits our needs, so there will always be a shortage of supply our requirement.
For the overwhelming majority of those who have their own home, Bruce Jenner certainly showing off his good life as the statement news: He recently bought a Mansion at Malibu, CA, USA for $ 3.5 Million.
Located in front of the Pacific ocean, the property was built in 2010 and spans 3,500 square feet of living space.
The home has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms (According to the report from and also features a great living space with fireplace, an exclusive dining room and a fresh kitchen which face to face with a beautiful peggin of mountain.
Surely, it's a perfect opposite residence from many different angles and a big real solution for the 65-year-old after told that Bruce may be to blame for the car accident.
So maybe this time Jenner plans to stay put for a while and, y…

Gwen Stefani appears on a mission to beat Olivia Newton John while walking at Los Angeles

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We gotta hand it to Gwen Stefani for not only being daring, but also entirely owning what she wears.
The musician turned head on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 in a pair of skintight leather pants when spotted walking at the street in Los Angeles.
"I always do a jump suit, I always do a suit," The 45-year-old ever told to September 2014 Issue of Harper's Bazaar: "I always do a drop crotch pant, I love that."
Toning it down! Gwen also completely new with her blonde hair style. . . . . . . . .Maybe she appeared on a mission to beat Olivia New John's lovely shaking in Grease filming.
But her partner is not John Travolta - He just a cute man who gesturing the moment such a professor and do not have a dancer skill.
Hey, if you're gonna love to jigging, especially for salsa, it help to accentuated your art like, Stefani, right?

AnnaLynne McCord gets her comic sense in an Indian Boots while strolling by herself at Beverly Hills

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When it comes to fashion perspective, AnnaLynne McCord has got her comic sense beat every time of cherry.
OK friends! Before saying adieu, the 27-year-old apparently wanted to surprising our interest with one more attention-getting outfit while strolling around at Beverly Hills on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.
The 90210 actress topped her elegant melody for the ocassion, pairing a grey jumper and skinny jeans, but sharing a little more about the greatest culture with a pair indian style of brown boots.
In terms of the classic presentation, AnnaLynne didn't feel weak or desperate although as the statement news from, she decided to separate after 3 years harmonious relation with Dominic Purcell.
Speaking of forwarding aderesses - what's next for McCord? There are sweeping rumors from, if Atlanta born was opening her arms for ex-athlete of Los Angeles Lakers, Rick Fox.
Hmmmm, maybe we'll see another fantastic style of art on …

Kate Upton's Blazer and Mini Skirt at San Francisco: Accentuate her seemingly endless art!!!

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We love anything Kate Upton wears, because she would have worn something more exciting on every enet.
The 22-year-old kept her art on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 in a white blazer and dark leather mini skirt while complimented her Supermodel job for the Express Spring Fling Event at Union Square in San Francisco, CA, USA.
Pretty pout! The garment really accentuated her seemingly endless legs, plus the perfectly polished Victoria's Secret beauty wore her glossy tresses straight and garnished the look with the red lipstick.
Maybe all the diamond statement, correctly or not, it's just a one thing for two. . . . . . . . . ."You have to imagine being an 18-year-old boy and your sister being called 'Sexiest Woman.' It must kind of suck, although he never complains," Kate chatted about her significant emotion to
However, while we were busty wondering about her fabulously in our daily existence, we felt a presentat…

Lena Dunham delights her propective accupation with buying a $ 2.7 Million House at Los Angeles

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So important to know your prospective accupation's guideline, more likely! Lena Dunham was speaking its all by excellent.
After engrave her great career as director and writer in the independent film Tiny Furniture (2010), eight nominations for Emmy Awards and won two Golden Globe Awards for the HBO series, Girls. . . . . . . . .You can just tell the 28-year-old have a fantastic road.
The New York city's born infamous smile and bright character has dubbed her Hollywood's sweetheart and has always been a delight to watch on Screen.
According the report from, Lena restoring the result with period precision as she just bought herself a 2,500 square feet at Los Angeles, CA, USA that was listed in $ 2.7 Million.
The Sunset trip property has lovely swimming pool area,  three bedroom, three bathrooms - told: There is a garden with great bungalows from 1920s Greek Craftsman, the Swedish hardwood floors throughout fire place an…

Gianni Versace Offers His £ 15 Million House At Charles Street In Mayfair, London To Market

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Giani Versace hasn't lived in this enormous property at Charles Street in Mayfair, London for 18 years, but that doesn't mean the home in any less fabulous.
The 5,756-square-foot residence is all done up in Grade II Aristocracy style, plus offering 4 bedrooms and luxury bathroom with an asking price £ 15 Million.
All kinds of room has significantly modern with dinning room, kitchen, fireplace, dressing room and private balcony. . . . . . . .It seems the Reggio Calabria born has done a lot of work to raise the element's value.
However, as the report from, Gianni being murdered in 1997 at this apartment in Miami, FL, USA.
Through-out his fashion empire's growth on the stock exchane in 1990, thrusted a strong assesment which grounded on a book written by Giuseppe Di Bella: "Versace was allegedly killed 'over debts' he had with the Godfathers."
After the tragedy! The Alteration schedule…

Michael Schumacher finally sells his Trysil House Hills at Norwegian for $ 2.9 Million

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All its charming and woodwork make it look more than a ski lodge.
A house which placing by perfectly at Trysil, north of Oslo in Norway have design on the 6,940-square-feet and Michael Schumacher landed her name as the owner.
The ski chalet was originally be habited since 1990s for the family holiday, but today as report, the property recently put on market list for £ 2 Million.
It featured a cabin, a spa and garage for 7 vehicles, however the mountain residence must be sold to build a hospital near their home at Swizerland.
"We need a long time," Schumacher's manager, Sabine Kehm told to, following a hard injury with his brain after the ski incident in December 2013 at Meribel, France.
As the statement news by, the greatest of formula one driver had two brain operation at a hospital in Greenoble and he leaning heavily on his faith for 6 months in coma.
Of course the family is still so trau…

The Make-Up Free! Charlotte McKinney enjoys her class for Dancing With The Stars at West Hollywood

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We don't want to change her epithet, but her workouts have to give her the ability to have endurance for another show.m
Treated to a reality art by the ultimate challenge, Charlotte McKinney's proving she could be the one to watch as she entered the studio at West Hollywood on Monday, March 2, 2015.
The stunning brunette showed off her gorgeous in a blue top and dark skintight short while enjoyed her class for the Dancing With The Stars event with partner, Keo Motsepe.
Her long blonde hair going down to loose, the fresh face channeling natural for the Make-Up Free and speaking about her beauty confidently, the 22-year-old ever told to "I'm embracing what I have. I don't do runway. You won't see me at Fashion Week."
Truth is, she wasn't pretty scared about the response would be! Always looked incredible with her smooth skin although must dropped out from school since attain the age of 17.
One day she&#…

Antonio Banderas dining out with Nicole Kimple and twin sister at Madeo Restaurant in West Hollywood

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Is it a Christmas elf? No, it's Antonio Banderas, 54, dining with new girlfriend, Nicole Kimple, 34, at Madeo Restaurant in West Hollywood on Thursday, February 26, 2015.
And yes, there were very happy, report: the Pair wore a matching dark of leather jacket and just different with their trousers.
The Latinos man is still just simply in jeans, while the investment consultant played it cool in a skintight. . . . . . . .So, who is the girl between this romantic night out? She looked like an identical twins of the Dutch beauty.
Although Antonio began dating Nicole after their no longer together, he and ex-wife, Melanie Griffith find away to maintain their friendship! Banderas shared the whole during his interviw with, the actor said: "I want - and I think she does too - to maintain a relationship because we have spent many years together. . . . .I would like to maintain a relationship and it is happening…

Willow Shields puts her age as the youngest contestant for the Dancing With The Stars 2015 history

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It was a rare day for the Dancing With The Stars history inscription, report, who welcomed their youngest contestant.
What a favourite? Willow Shields is getting out of her car and installed her confidently steps to the DWTS studio at West Hollywood on Friday, February 27, 2015.
The 14-year-old seemed to be giving the cast for their attention proving as she treading the boards of the ballroom in a white T-shirt and dark short, plus slipping on more flexible dance shoes by Nike product.
The actress also made a great impression with her long blonde hair to falling in curls and signing her fresh face in Make-Up Free.
"I'd love to experience a normal high school," Shields to to and shared a good enough taste to pull off a totally unique, by continued: "But if everything goes as planned, I'll probably end up staying homeschooled because acting in my passion."
Keep up the excellent meaning, Wi…

Ellie Goulding poses by no words with Mick Jagger and Taylor Swift on Party at London

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Speaking of playful, we absolutely loved the fun dissimilarities of color that Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift wore this week.
The stars made quite the style statement on the Universal Music Group after party following the BRIT Awards 2015 at Soho in London on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.
We spotted more than one glitter gallery, including Karlie Kloss, who was shinning brightly in a white long dress, but Ellie and Taylor're fashion garment in Red and Dark mini dress were more natural with their stunning long legs complexion.
The softly make-up with an easy colored eye is to keep all the complement to perfect! So, it's more looking rousing as the report from that Goulding posed by no words alongside Mick Jagger plus Swift and shared its all into her Instagram account.
Mmmmmmm. . . . . . . . . . .Great night, great people and however, it's definitely our favorite look on the stars, What do you think?

Elle Fanning in School Skirt's showing off her professionalism job while walking at the street in Los Angeles

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It seems Elle Fanning is growing up to more independent and her style are getting better with her age.
After schooling activity, the 16-year-old was snapped by photographer camera while walking alone on the street at Los Angeles on Thursday, February 26, 2015.
The actress was seen smiling widely in a white shirt and dark skirt, plus drawing her perfect pictures with a great time long blonde hair to curls and the Make-Up Free.
But what's going on with her left leg? Seemingly, there is a bit of holy injury that should be put in a cast.
May be her job in last movie, Three Generations with Susan Sarandon and Naomi Watts still influenced into her daily activity, because as report, Elle playing as a skateboarder on those film.
So,don't panicky if Fanning can't stop to sharing a little problem with her skin to us during finalized her professional outing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Take cooly friends! Everything were already guessable!!!

Dakota Johnson confirms a perfect reunion for Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith at New York

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Nearly 8 years after Melanie Griffith announced her marriage with Don Johnson was over, the couple has yet to make it official.
Though Don finally took the first step and filed divorce document in June 1994 told, stalled negotiations have prevented the former couple from being able to got their separate ways.
But all the tragedy that might be over, now! According to the report from, the fact that Melanie and Johnson was spotted conversing and strolling together after the private jet touched down at International Airport in Los Angeles on Friday, February 27, 2015.
So thanks to the Saturday Night Live at New York on Saturday, February 28, 2015, which confirming to arranged a great reunion for the parents and their most beautiful daughter, Dakota Johnson.
The meeting have been made another perfect expectation by Dakota, 25, monologue on opening ceremony as the statement news from, she said: "You may not kno…

Arnold Schwarzenegger reunion with Danny DeVito at Germany's Golden Camera Awards in Hamburg

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Everyone was having a good time with each other, so it must have been nice for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be around too with the familiar face.
Learned that the cast wanted to show, the 70-year-old cared about his entertainment dignity by all getting together with Danny DeVito, 67, at Germany's Golden Camera Awards in Hamburg on Friday, February 27, 2015.
As the report, the duo old man looked to be in bright spirits as they walkedto the center stage and obtained a honour by category 'A Lifetime Achievement Trophy.'
"It does get more difficult when you're 66 and doing this kind of action," Arnold spoken to the crowd by shaking his result into the air.
With a gentle smile on her face, Schwarzenegger also shared his warm hugged for Danny to emphasized their reunion moment. . . . . . . . . . . .Please, Don't Cry For Me Argentina!!!

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary! Gisele Bundchen Looks Very Honest With Her Art - Instagram

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It was a pretty romantic evening and the gorgeous married photo paid tribute to their never ending moment.
Writing into her Instagram page on Thursday, February 26, 2015, Gisele Bundchen told: "Magical day! #tbt Dia mágico!."
The 34-year-old looked very honest with her art as the Supermodel and husband, Tom Brady did in honor of their 6th weeding anniversary.
And Gisele clearly still firm with her white gown - keeping their gown without guilt such her positively speech on the first month of the year to "He's very loving and it's a wonderful thing. In our house we are very affectionate," But still displaying her very proud for family education, by added: "I think it's very important for the boys to know that it's okay to hug and to kiss and you're not less than a man."
Ya, it's important for us to focus by her proved! How truly sweet, lovely, and caringly of their ideal companion. .…

Warren Buffett's Secret Fitness and Diet: 3 Coca-Cola in the Day and "2 at Night"

It's very secret that Warren Buffett takes his fitness and diet very seriously.
But if we want to observed to his worth for $ 72.8 Billion, may be it will spent a lots of physical training by consuming many dozen of chocolates.
In an interview with, released on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, the 84-year-old spilling on his unique habit - Simple and Commonly.
"I'm one quarter Coca-Cola," Warren gave a surprised statement and afterwards, he ensured that his adjective about maintaining his ageless is not messing around, by added: "I have three Cokes during the day and two at night."
Hello the Coca-Cola company! Did you arranged this situation? I mean Buffett was showing the key to any work-out is making it fun with a carbonated soft drink. . . . . . . . . . . . . .How could I told to everybody?

Reese Witherspoon lets an aqua strapless dress by Tom Ford hugging her art on Oscar's 2015 at Hollywood

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I am surely know that you will love her art as much as I did.
You're right, the diamond design of Tom Ford studs finished of the ensemble and Reese Witherspoon looks effortlessly chic at Oscar's 2015 in Hollywood on Sunday, February 22, 2015.
An aqua strapless gown hugged so beautifully into a perfect anatomy of the 38-year-old as the draping across the frame was so elegant with a form fitting of silhouette.
"It's hard being a woman in Hollywood - or any industry," Reese told to during the red carpet event for creating something another great attention, then added: "This is a group of women. . . . . .44 nominees this year and we're so happy to be here and talk about the work we've done."
The actress also expressed her feelings towards the moment into Instagram account as report, by typing a wonderful words into a photo: "What's the biggest risk you've taken that you…

YouTube! Margot Robbie gets the glamour in Christian Dior gown on Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Beverly Hills

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Just look at those fresh face and watching to that fantastic style.
The Canadian beauty looked gorgeous in an Christian Dior gown as she went to the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills on Sunday, February 22, 2015.
Flattering her figure in a line strapless dress, Margot Robbie came to getting her glamour and she really know about how to astonishing us with her Diamond art.
An up do of dramatic make-up, a sweet clutch and a pair of beauty earrings by Niwaka jewels accompanied her perfect performing, then 24-year-old creating something visually attention grabbing: "She had 'too much fun' at the Vanity Fair after party," an eyewitness told to
It's our frightfully to bring light to the issues with the environment, but Robbie could slowing burn the situation while answered an exclusive interview with Extra host, Mario Lopez.
"I've got one that I actually said to a waiter one night!," Margo…