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Penny Lancaster owns the entire night in a silver dress! Leaving her sleek and loose at London

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It's her ideal style! Show those magnificent legs off and bejewelled her anatomy into the right art.
So when it came to choosing an outfit, Penny Lancaster opted her way to more suitable during the charity at the Rosewood Hotel in London on Wednesday, December 2, 2014.
The 43-year-old pretty much to owned the entire night in a silver mini dress as she led the step with the lucky husband, Rod Stewart to the GOSH gala in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's.
And Penny finished off her outfit by leaving her long blonde hair sleek and loose, adding to the glamorous overall effect with a pair of diamond earrings and matching color of small bag, plus the high heels too.
A natural make-up would've been right on the track, while the measure of midriff was get enough to telling a few things for dazzling.
I could not help for the next, but always admire to the sparkle, and we're sure that Lancaster's gym session was clinging i…

Positive and Natural! Maria Valverde steps out in a White Skirt at London

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Conscious or not! Maria Valverde has the potential to make a difference when it comes to get another possibility.
Lead the way to stepping out in a white full skirt, the 27-year-old looked simply wonderful at the Premiere of Exodus: Gods and Kings.
Maria obviously decided to flaunting her posivite side as she having made a public debut with Christian Bale and wife, Sibi Blazic at London, England , Golshifteh Farahani, Andrew Tarbet, Giannina Facio, Sir Ridley Scott, and Sir Ben Kingsley on Wednesday, December 3, 2014.
We can just barely see the silver high heels with detailing on her footstep to the red carpet and keeping her fresh face with acute earrings.
But we are glad to see that Valverde was pretty much as natural as it could be.
And the Spanish actress's long hair waves and softly make-up were the perfect finishing touch to the Nicholas Oakwell design on Spring 2014 Couture collection. . . . .That was much a fun to the event.

Nicole Kidman struts her way in a short dress as she arrives the CMT Awards at Nashville

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We though we knew which ensemble they were going to wear.
Okay, sure it may be raining, but now that Nicole Kidman have officially arrived the CMT Awards at Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday, November 2, 2014.
The 47-year-old looked stunning in a dark short dress by Boss design with a unique piece of cambric detailing around her fibula.
Simply perfect pins! The actress made quite an entrance with husband, Keith Urban as she strut her way into the red carpet in a pair of black high heels.
Glamorizing her long blonde tresses in a messy straight style, Nicole teamed her fresh figure with a beauty green earrings and a diamond bracelet on her right sleeve.
Oh well, we can't be too mad at Kidman because as always, her fashion vocabulary and make-up were on point.
If anyone know about how to keep it sizzling on the show, it's totally Nicole Kidman.

Happy 53th Birthday! Julianne Moore goes party with Diane Keaton, Aimee Mullins, Eva Longoria, and Andie MacDowell at New York

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This is a woman who really know what works for her.
Not a single day was out of place to her polished up do, and Julianne Moore was content to kept her birthday party on Wednesday to more statuesque.
The modern style of a hugging long gown by Alexander McQueen went perfectly to the actress's midriff as she headed the event at New York, USA on Tuesday, November 2, 2014.
We're also really glad to see the 53-year-old looked more favorite while standing so briefly alongside Diane Keaton, Aimee Mullins, Eva Longoria, and Andie MacDowell for a photo shoots session on the agenda of L'Oreal Women of Worth Celebration.
So which the most beauty Hollywood actress are your favorite? For next year's Oscar, we predict abright, curve-hugging gown in a fabolous bold hue, and, of course, their much loved mermaid shilhouette.
But I think Aimee Mullins's gorgeous charm hasn't all been seamless on the overal effect. . . .How about your friend…

Heather Graham wearing a strapless gown! Speaking a lot on the stage at New York

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It's to be a great night, if you're a total beauty like Heather Graham.
May be frozed was her inspiration for the night? If so, the 44-year-old managed to involve herself in all things of fashion on the 10th Annual UNICEF gala.
The Hollywood actress showed off her picture perfect as she stepped out at New York, USA on Tuesday, November 2, 2014, wearing a white strapless gown by Paule Ka.
The sweetest smile, a white flower ring, a carefully small bag and her long dark brown tresses in a messy straight style completed her look.
Taking thing to a more serious level, Heather posed up next to the stage for speaking a lot during the cocktail moment.
We are really love to this look and Graham accommodating the views with dialogue beside an orange lipstick.
Luckily for us, she had her trusty stylist by her side to steer her in the right direction. . . . .We can not wait to see what she picked out for the next!

Not shy to showing! Daisy Lowe just styling in a strapless gown at London

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So much we almost did not notice about how amazing her dress in on her.
All up to her style! Daisy Lowe kept its all in pretty theme, but it looked like our eyes couldn't be teamed while she's on Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Earl's Court.
The 25-year-old just styling that made her gorgeous point in a dark strapless gownto the Supermodel event at London, England on Monday, December 1, 2014.
But please, Daisy didn't shy to showing her perfect legs with thos tight high slit area on the left side. . . . . . . .Is it a pretty wild?
I think she just giving off a regally chic of fabulously over the pink carpet and was clearly very much in love with her fresh face, bright smile, plus the positive oscillate of her long hair style.
Girl is looking flawless ini this light garment! No wonder we're feeling so happy too!!

Candice Swanepoel comes excellent in a lace dress on Victoria's Secret party at London

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I think it is really important not to feel nothing as a woman that you have to do and be everything.
As we know, Candice Swanepoel quite dominant in her career, so what really works for us when she come excellent into the feminine side on Victoria's Secret party.
The 26-year-old stole the show as she walked to the pink carpet in the attention grabbing with her while lace dress at Earl's Court in London, England on Monday, December 1, 2014.
Looking sophisticated! The Supermodel made the most of the opportunity to displaying her killer anatomy in the sheer outfit with the V-neck panel down the front, preserving her modesty.
Candice also leaved a little to imagination with her natural make-up to ensured that all eyes are on her, plus an elegant dialectic of hairstyle.
Then again, we're surprised - Swanepoel always has the best way to commanding herself septs in a purify cute heels.
Well that's one way to make an entrance, cause she…

Katrina Bowden steps out in a blue lace frock! Seductive look with elegance at New York

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Everything else about the luxurious, it will continues to progress if the woman certainly know to commanding the attention.
Is that you, Katrina Bowden? The 26-year-old pulled off the seductive look with ease and elegance on the 10th Annual UNICEF gala.
The actress stepped out in a blue lace frock to the social event at New York, USA on Tuesday, November 2, 2014.
As summer draw to ended and we seeing forward to the long weekend of Christmas, it certainly seemed that fall has plenty of enticing code to embrace as Katrina reflected the moment with her long beauty hair to falling.
Embellished her element with a pair of conservative heels, plus the simply make-up.
Usually we rank our Angel of Everything, Katrina Bowden, as the finest of blue carpet and it's definitely catching up.
Closet envy is sure to be a real thing now!!!

Katie Couric splashing out in a silver gown! Shows no sign of regreat at UNICEF gala

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It should be illegal to hide an anatomy like that and surprisingly, we're not only once to dazed.
Katrina Bowden and Heather Graham might have been the star of 10th Annual UNICEF gala, but Katie Couric stole the blue carpet from her tonight appearance.
We adore when someone totally unexpected just knocks our socks off and the 57-year-old did just that at New York, USA on Tuesday, November 2, 2014.
Splashing out in a silver long gown, the American journalist looked commonsense to be in the presence of fashion dedication.
Katie showed no signs of regret while an adorable pair of chandelier earrings hanging so lovely among her simply make-up and also teamed the glamorous with her conservative hairstyle.
Then again, Couric could not stop to smiling as she made sure a condition on positive temperature by posing with another famous friends.
So fit, so healthy and still always fresh although her age was coming.

Ellie Goulding gracing the red carpet at the British Fashion Award in a strapless dress

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Now, we love to the outfit, her glittering art, the simplicity, and a lot of thing to the taste.
With her enviable blue strapless dress and glossy blonde hair, all eyes were on Ellie Gulding at London, England on Monday, December 1, 2014.
The singer arrived to the British Fashion Award as she gracing the red carpet with no missing to the fabulous.
One thing's for sure! The 27-year-old creating her beauty volume with a silver earrings by Georg Jensen and several cute rings among her faucets, plus the perfect elegant point to the small bag.
Ellie also embellished her face with no make-up and did not stop to killing us with her sweetest smile in front of the photographer camera.
Yap, we really enjoy to the floral design and white accents around the dress. . . . . . .How could I say for more?
Hmmm. . . . This is a bit too amazing for our personalizing and Goulding's department has been delicate into the two thumbs. Shockingly!!!

Looks anything! Evangeline Lilly styles to perfection in a white long skirt at London

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I think Evangeline Lilly never look anything, but always has styled to perfection.
Not only is she on of the most beautiful woman on the premiere of the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at London, England.
But the 35-year-old proved on Monday, December 1, 2014 that she also own the runaway.
The actress just improvisation the red carpet in a silver corset which teamed with a white long skirt.
Oh please! The garment was cut to the thigh to show of her beauty shoulders with no suspenders as she certainly got into the new spirit with her clearly smile.
Let's us right back to dancing along with our conservative party, Anyone?

Nina Agdal enjoys a daylight stroll in a daisy duke with boyfriend, Reid Heidenry at Miami

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This part sound like every man's wet dream role.
All that spit swapping for this reality at the beach in Miami, FL, USA on Saturday, November 29, 2014.
Nina Agdal and boyfriend, Reid Heidenry hit a local beach as they were snapped to making out and sharing a difficult story for many male eyes in the world.
The Supermodel, 22, enjoyed a daylight stroll in a green apparel and a Daisy Duke while Reid looked relaxed in a dark top and white trunks.
Hello! Who knew Nina had so much game? And it appeared that Agdal has forget that they were on public. . . . . . . .Love is in the air!!!

Western style! Keanu Reeves keeps his handsome point for nearly 30 years at New York

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Okay, we don't hate this, but it could be the next James Bond.
And all the work was substitute into habituality, because Keanu Reeves making it to be more masculine with his habit at New York, USA on Sunday, November 30, 2014.
The actor was recently photographed while smoking a cigarette on the set of his new movie, Daughter Of God.
How is our boy and man going to say healthy and strong? The 50-year-old looked right for the detective character as he embellished the story in a long brown coat, white western-style shirt, plus a dark trousers.
Keanu also still kept his handsome point for nearly 30 years in slippery hair style and protected his NYPD movement with a pair of black shoes.
In the film who come out to public for next year, Reeves joined with another star, such Spanish actress Ana de Armas, rapper Big Daddy Kane, and Mira Sorvino.
And the movie telling more about comradeship between the job as the police by responding to opened the stor…

Sarah Hyland wearing just a strapless dress, plus the traditional Lei flower on Disney Christmas show at Hawaii

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Hmm. . . . .We wonder how sympathetic this judge is.
Sarah Hyland showed off her beauty and nearly perfect anatomy while touching down to a Disney Christmas show at Hawaii, USA on Sunday, November 30, 2014.
Wearing just a strapless dress, plus the traditional Lei flower, the 34-year-old made the most of brief dry spell with her microphone among the middle of the ocean.
Her skin appeared glowing, presumably due to her golden tan, whilst her smoke eye make-up made her eyes shine.
The television star completed the look by designing her long blonde hair into a curl of ponny tails.
Wait! Isn't Sarah at the American Music Awards tonight, too?
Although we love Hyland as an actress, the bland ensemble is great fitting and definitely amazing for a red carpet stunner.
Just the way we like it, friends!!!

Smokey Robinson struggles to sell his Mansion for $ 7.99M at California

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We're not sure what to think about this, cause Smokey Robinson has struggling to sell his mansion at California, USA.
On the first effort, he put its on market with $ 10.5M in 2005, then he tried again in 2007 for more cheaper by $ 10M.
And today, the 80's musician allocating again the 9,075 square foot property on $ 7.99M.
There's no hardly anything sinister about the house at all - appeared in scores with an exclusive home theater, a unique wine cellar, and six bedrooms.
Looks like the headquarters is moving closer to Uncle and thanks a lot for you enthusiasm to the art of Business.
Hey! Any money is good money at this point, right? Robinson.

Demi Lovato finally put the price of her home at Los Angeles on market for $ 2.25M

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Talk about no to yield an inch, Demi Lovato just got relisting her house at Los Angeles, USA.
The 22-year-old spends less then 4 ocassion, before finally put the price on market for $ 2.25 M.
Nothing to sneeze! The contemporary home features an open living roomleading out to a terrace with adjustable privacy walls, a classic kitchen with vintage floor, and two great fireplaces which plenty of lounging room.
An outdoor entertaining area boasts a barbecue, plus the perfect design of poolside.
Well, it looks as though those effort can be put to rest, because we're sure what to thing about this.

Cameron Diaz in a scarf and jeans as she walking on snowy with boyfriend at Manhattan

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It is may be a newest condition for Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend, Benji Madden to take their moment above the snowy.
You're right! The actress surely know about how to treat a man as she taking a break from her busy schedule at Manhattan, NY, USA on Saturday, November 29, 2014.
The 42-year-old kept the cold temperatures in just a dark coat and jeans, plus the gray scarf while Madden, 35, showed off her rocking style with a black jacket and jeans.
Mmmmm. . . . . . . .They walked around included some fashion therapy with equal genre of footwear, but in different colors.
Some onlookers may could not help but smile to the adorable pair. Can you blame them?
No, I meant they looked more strong than ever in those wonderland situation. . . . . . . .So, it's nice to see that Cameron take the time out to treat herself, first with that town hike. Lovely!!!

Lady Gaga pushes her discipline in a long dress while shopping at store in Malibu

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So, it's nice to see that Lady Gaga took the time out treat herself for shopping spree.
But please, Why? The great fashion must be going ended on those unconditionally moment as she was snapped on store at Malibu, CA, USA on Saturday, November 29, 2014.
Oh! I'm sorry, it's a slumber long dress and the 28-year-old pushed her discipline time to more faster by directly weaking up from her bedroom into the family obigation.
With that many winds flirting her garment, the singer probably wound't even feel pat down while completed the warm look in a pair of John Lennon sunglasses and styling her long hair into one side.
We are totally happy if Lady has still managed to find time for us to her undergraduate busy schedule.
Thanks for the exclusive street style and it seemed to be the perfect sample for our woman in the world when they purchased any kind of commodity on Supermarket. Real Gaga!!!

Jake Gyllenhaal stays strong to put his house at Hollywood Hills on Market

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Sometimes the best way to get your head clared is to just make a big change.
So, it seems the money is an object to Jake Gyllenhaal live as he has reportedly just put the Hollywood Hills home on market for asking price $ 3.3 M.
The Contemporary style house was originally built in 1948 and the 33-year-old has been stay on there for 10 years.
The inner are just as impressive, with a great living space of bookcase, stylish room for family meeting, and a classic design of kitchen.
Still pretty unbelievable that a house like a castle on the middle as the outside property keep our mind with the dialectics of natural environment hanging so beautifully among the mountain range.
But we have to admit - for as elaborate as it looks, there is quite a noise feel to it! I think this will be a wonderful place to raise your childrens.
Here's hoping that this is a sign that things are turning around for you, friends! Stay strong!!!

Miley Cyrus enjoys a thanksgiving date with Patrick Schwarzenegger at Malibu

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Looks like thing are really going to smoothly and no, we’re not talking about the burning sun.
But when it comes to a dinner date, well, Miley Cyrus doesn’t have to look much further than usually.
The singer was spotted striding away with Patrick Schwarzenegger after enjoying a delicious food at Nobu restaurant in Malibu, CA, USA on Saturday, November 29, 2014.
Wait! The 22-year-old certainly can not stop to hide her huge smile as she keeps her casual in a dark sweater and long dress.
With no animated, the handsome son of Arnold exudes happiness alongside the newest while holding her so tightly in a black shirt and army pants.
I think the sounds like on hell reality for many girls in the world!
So what the problem? The pair just heading out and ended their romantic night of Thanksgiving day with a glistening porsche.
We bet that bottle of wine they shared helped the meal come to more relaxing, cause the fresh Pacific Ocean sea breeze in front off the…