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Jenny McCarthy looks immaculate in a long gown! Accents her striking at Los Angeles

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There’s no reason if we had to be jealous of Jenny McCarthy on the red carpet this night.
She looked immaculate in this killer long gown as the 41-year-old made a stroll to the American Music Awards at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Sunday, November 23, 2014.
The structured knee length attire was simple yet chic, and complemented her paler skin tone perfectly. . . . . .Oh my! She accented her striking with structured ruffles of backless design.
While we expected this is just the first of many new hairstyles that the stars will test out on a press tour for their new flick - It’s certainly a strong start.
One thing we doesn’t believe will change is her brand loyalty as Jenny added her fashion element with a lucky sunglasses to accompanied her husband, Donnie Wahlberg on the stage.
The duo continued to land their suitable charm for giving a Favorite Pop/Rock Album award to Harry Style.
A moment remember! Donnie and McCarthy couldn’t wipe the smile off their …

The singer, Fergie keeps her style in a long gown! Talking about anything at Los Angeles

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Hey, we’re only thinking of our comfort, cause it seemed like the cold air would still find to creep up all over.
Keeping the situation in delicious style, the singer, Fergie decided to just split open her diamond garment at the AMAs in Los Angeles, CA, USA on Sunday, November 23, 2014.
First of all, this is a Christian Dior gown what we’re talking about here and second point, the stunning brunette proud to be honored her dancing skill on the stage.
But please! Her amazing legs has displaying about anything while her long blonde hair on perfect glow and persuade our eyes with her natural make-up.
Something about it just was working.. . . . . . .The skin is positively radiant!
And she didn’t miss a step, sartorially speaking for more with a pair of diamond earrings, a luminous gold belt, which on perfect combined with the Heels.
Guess she didn’t have a chance to glimpse in the mirror after arriving the house.
We don’t know where her husband, Josh Duh…

Danica McKellar turns into Long Gown as she heads the AMAs at Los Angeles

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Someone get a fire extinguisher because this lady in on fire.
So, did it rip? No, Danica McKellar was success to merging the point as she was gleamed up to attend the American Music Awards (AMAs) on Sunday, November 23, 2014.
The 39-year-old looked every bit of pixy in a green long gown, which displaying her own natural art by the perfect embroidery.
It was surely a rather exciting moment for the former of Wonder Years star who headed the show to present an award, was elegantly with her long curls hair and natural face without make-up.
She also applause the moment with a beautiful pair of gold earrings and a luminous bracelet, plus a strikingly white heels.
Well, many are turning to designing and Danica was approaching the red carpet to taste of everything.
Find out more to see why McKellar once found it hard to accept, cause her never ending point in tonight show.

Delta Goodrem made a freaking statement in a Long Gown on the Aria Awards at Sydney

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The Gothic queen has arrived! No one can say Delta Goodrem didn’t go all out for the 28th Annual Aria Awards.
Girlfriend might’ve been late, but the 30-year-old made a freaking statement in this floor length gown to the red carpet at Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, November 26, 2014.
Don’t even get us started on what’s going on to the fresh face. . . . . .That hair, a luminous necklace, and the impossible frock were really combined with her perfect make-up.
And no, we do not mean the scrumptious cake! It looks like Delta Goodrem tries to answering a very difficult question of fashion design and proved sometimes simplicity is key!!
Oh well! We will forgive you, commentator!!!

Selena Gomez put her slim in a Gown! Learn about anything in style at Los Angeles

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It’d probably be smart to get out with her way and Selena Gomez put her slim figure on perfect display.
Oh dear! The 22-year-old proved that’s all on Sunday, November 23, 2014 as she attended the American Music Awards at Los Angeles, CA, USA.
We’re going have to succumb. . . . . .Cause we might actually have to learn about anything with those backless detail, plus a long dark gown.
I think the singer looked like she could have been a 007 woman in her style while the asymmetric design exposed a huge area of skin should be reworked in wool.
The perfect mix of aztec earrings, simply make-up and daring elements of unique heels have us wanting to say “I do" to this mechanism.
Is it the trend of the year? No, the hair style only sharing about the illumination to showing off her banging anatomy, although it doesn’t really need any help!
Please, no green envy at work for tomorrow. . . . . . .Truly is a Naturally!!!

Taylor Swift made the impression in a Gown! Making herself a priority at Los Angeles

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The American Music Award show’s fashion judge gave us a new cropped look, this time in a green tight, sparkly top that Taylor Swift combined with very loose length gown.
Oh Taylor, we just know you can do in perfect as she made the impression during the American Music Awards at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Sunday, November 23, 2014.
The 24-year-old let her amazing physique do the talking and showing of her slimmed down look in a two-piece style design while making herself a priority to praises a valuation on the stage.
From the stomach up, Swift looked great, and the sequel? They are truly believe to the definition about never ending.
We might not be totally in love with the whole look, but when her charm is riding the revealing style all over town, who even cares what she’s wearing?

Renee Bargh finishes her summery look in a brown skirt! Beholding some totally adorable at Los Angeles

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We wonder if this upbeat, the sound is indicative of what we can expect from the rest.
OK, technically there’s only one shade of brown here, and today, Renee Bargh made us to jealous with her fashion design at Los Angeles on Sunday, November 23, 2014.
The Extra host stepped out in a completely fresh, seemingly very healthy in a crop top and flowing skirt.
And we love it! Yes, we know that you can see her toned midriff straight through the fabrics while her long hair decorated into a messy bun between the great vocabulary of snake gold necklace.
It’s really her own personal runway as the 29-year-old finished off her summery look with a sparkling gold bracelet and ended her story on American Music Awards red carpet in a pair of dreaming heels.
Honestly, we didn’t know what makes us fans of this way out there fashion, but that’s the thing about style.
It’s in the eye of the beholder, Plus it doesn’t hurt that Renee has our eyes beholding some totally a…

Samantha Barks coordinates her natural in a Gown on the BAFTA Children’s Awards at London

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It’s a big night for Samantha Barks, so we’ll let give her full on assault of the eyes a pass.
Somewhere, an Office Depot is missing a yellow highlighter, but the actress was hard to miss at the BAFTA Children’s Award at London on Sunday, November 23, 2014.
The 24-year-old showed off her coordinated in a dark long gown with aqua overlay and kept her make-up subtle with natural tones.
Looking the epitome of elegance, the star accessorized her style with just a pair of snowy earrings and codifying her long hair sleek into one side parting.
And luckily, her boyfriend, Richard Fleeshman make a cameo in a matching dark tuxedo while the Smokey smile picturing his masculine brave.
Taking center stage! The pair seemed happy to pose for photographers on the red carpet.
Congrats on the award! If anyone deserves it, it’s her. . . . . . . .Cause, all of our wishes came true, Peacefulness!!!

Kate Upton is oozing Olympic charm in a White Gown! Utterly fabulous on game at Busan

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Now, we know all the look was utterly fabulous, cause we’re turning to you, Kate Upton’s style, for the final verdict on our favorite line.
But as much as we love the 22-year-old getting her white long gown vixen on (no doubt with no complaining), there’s no denying it this week in terms of Busan fashion.
Just take a look at the impossibly gorgeous series of uniform during her job to promote Game Of War: Fire Ages at South Korea on Saturday, November 22, 2014.
The Supermodel is oozing girly charm in two another pattern of pencil skirt and the classic dress by Givenchy. . . .It seemed that the atomic steel color is the popular on today appearance.
And it wouldn’t be a Kate ensemble without a swipe of red lipstick to the finishing touch, plus the coolest number of perfect long blonde hair.
Maybe we dislike it because it was just kind of a hodgepodge of stuff thrown together, but please! Upton always get the Olympic medalist in all glamorous events.

What’s better than partying? Kelly Brook moderates the theme at London charity

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It’s her job to look beauty and Kelly Brook lived up to the challenge at London, UK on Saturday, November 22, 2014.
The British model looked stunning in a blue dark long gown which showing her unpredictable beauty as she made her way into the Teens Unite Charity Ball.
What’s better than partying? The 34-year-old moderated the theme with a softly make-up and motivated her architectural fashion details with a sweet pendant earrings, plus a dramatic white necklace.
With her long hair settled into an elegant curls, Kelly grinned widely. . . . .Please, an electric frock like this deserved an amazing accented on perfect point.
Yes, you are right! Brook might leaved us laughing, but that dress is No joke!

Jennifer Aniston gets the all clear to drive! Her dialogue on Press Conference at Los Angeles

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We are surely fascinated to Jennifer Aniston’s dialogue on Horrible Bosses 2 press conference at Los Angeles, USA on Thursday, November 20, 2014.
It’s certainly a sweetest look than usually, cause that tight think looking more comfortable as the 45-year-old sleeved her beauty character by lacking her casually to the glamour.
Is there something different about Jennifer here? No, I mean Ya, cause A simple blue mini dress would have been much better to complement the situation
But the different point has rapped our interest as the actress got the all clear to drive for it with letting the photographer camera taking her fresh face from every angels.
And while not an inch of midriff was bared, Aniston should really go easy on the make up alongside the perfect statement of long blonde hair style and added her pumps with a silver heels to extensively the amazing point.
We really like this look - It’s simple, pretty, natural, young and cute!!
There’s noth…

After 25 years! Richard Marx sells the Chicago Mansion for $18 M

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Not too shabby at all, but sad memories of their long relation for 25 years already jumped headfirst into some solo property endeavors.
The Mansion with capacious of 30,000 square foot listed into the market after Richard Marx and wife, Cynthia Rhodes have put the last nail for divorce in April 2014.
We hope the singer doesn’t turn into Mad Max, cause the owner of amazing waterfront at Barrington Hills, Chicago - which was originally built in 1931 by David Agler is going on sale for $18 M.
With 7 bedrooms, 19 fireplaces, 6 half baths, 8 full baths, and a sprawling dinning room make this place truly special for the family who was have 3 children’s since 1994.
So, where a better place to recover from life’s drama? No word yet on where Marx plans to live after he leases out the estate. . . .Or he’ll be spending the holidays
Perhaps their love flame will rekindle on the next day! Excuse us. . . . .we really need to get some tissues to hearing again hi…

A sight for our eyes: Morena Baccarin wears a leather short dress at Los Angeles

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Brazilian women are famously particularly fond of wearing nice lingerie, and Morena Baccarin decided to showcase hers on Friday, November 21, 2014.
The 35-year-old wore a dark leather short dress which exposed her perfect anatomy and long legs.
A sight for our eyes! The actress was attending the 6th annual Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival at Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Displaying her racy side in commonly point, Morena combined the dress with a cute gold bracelet and added mode edge to her steps with a yellow heels.
And the sweetheart style of hair gave the slender star some curves, plus her temporary make-up lead our attention to be the center.
Quickly, but incredibly cute. We like! Don’t you?

Lily Collins polishes princess in a classic long dress! Adorable style on event at Taiwan

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An endeavor long dress is a classic style and a great investment, as not only will it always look great, but it’s practically too.
With at least that Lily Collins showing at Taipei, Taiwan on Thursday, November 20, 2014 as she headed the event on the 51st Golden Horse Awards.
The actress was a polished princess and she stayed working in a simply make-up, plus the great note bun of hair into the right side.
We’re not sure if it’s adorable to leave the red carpet perfectly dressed up or stay in your sweats, so here the gallery!!!

In a Mechanic style! Julianne Hough in a dungarees on shopping spree at Los Angeles

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No that we’re not complaining, in fact, we’re actually grown rather fond of the girl’s casual cool attire.
And a mechanic style is always a nice as Julianne Hough was decked out in her customary jeans for shopping spree at Los Angeles, USA on Thursday, November 20, 2014.
Whether you like it or not, overalls are in!
The actress rocking a pair of denim dungarees over a gridded dark top that fully classed up her simple life style.
Completing her laid-back look, the 26-year-old wore a pair of lion sport shoes while she couldn’t stop to conversing so comfortably with her friends on the white hand phone.
Juliane clearly did not believe in dressing down for running errands as she exposed her naturally with those make-up free.
Like a true lady ever, Hough pushed the heavily trolley back to her car and glamorizing her long blonde hair into bravely loose.
No more words though, boys! If, upon returning to her car, she received a message from another lucky man. . . . . .Sur…

For our books! Jennifer Aniston sitting in a strapless dress on Graham Norton Show

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Life is so much more than fame and the success career had become even more apparent to her following days.
When Jennifer Aniston in the top simply of beautifulness, there were a great moment that we will never said going to have.
And her entrance on Graham Norton show on Thursday, November 20, 2014, the 45-year-old made up for her absence with girl power, sitting so lovely in a dark strapless dress. . . . . Oh my god, she’s still on 1990‘s.
The actress really made her entrance to positively as she let her long blonde hair do talking so basically and just finished her fresh face in naturally.
Is it a sheer thing? Jennifer also showing off her dialectics to be special while giving a Rear of the Year Award to Olly Murs.
Of course, the incredible arms and shape of anatomy have been brushed to the moment.
Good or Not! Aniston still can be to be drawing my first observe when watching the television series, Friends on my Home’s TV. . . . . Thanks for you …

Padma Lakshmi displaying her speaking skill, but How? About her charm at New York

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We will just make sure to keep an eye on our heart rate.
With such a sitting outfit, the unique design earrings were the perfect art to hanging, plus her no make-up helped to keep the focus on all flawless charm.
We told Padma Lakshmi to keep it coming and she hasn’t disappointed in a dark mini dress as she displaying her speaking skill on intellectual conference at New York City, USA on Thursday, November 20, 2014.
The 44-year-old told everything we need about cooking, as you can see, she has made a center of attention on an agenda of the Power Story Telling: Plotting The Future of Media.
At least our fresh face looked more brightly, right?
We’re also loving to Padma’s long hair because she could have gone totally natural on us, plus just finished her show by a simply rocking idea in a pair of tights boots.
As far as we can tell, Lakshmi had everyone green with envy at this pronominal show. . . .Thank’s for the glossary on today appearance, Padma Lakshmi!!!

In a dramatic entrance! Roselyn Sanchez mades her typically in a Long Gown at Latin Grammy Awards

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Well, may she’s not nothing, but Roselyn Sanchez did make the situation to everything with those incredible garment.
The dress is beauty and the 41-year-old translated its all by most prestigious kicking at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, USA on Thursday, November 20, 2014.
In a dramatic entrance, the actress made her typically red carpet show in a superbly design of long gown, which really made her brightening value to be jewel.
Her long hair finished her sizzling in great vocabulary, the perfect anatomy still allowed for plenty of scene-stealing, and the make up went full on right tutorial magician. . . Sorry, I meant it’s no less.
The relatively simple number of white earrings featured a mermaid silhouette and the texturing of golden high heels gave it some improvisation for our attention.
Let’s just hope she’ll go for a completely different dress at the next show. . . . .At least her physique looked more flawless, right?
Even though we’re …