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Elsa Pataky doing the street runaway in a Long Dress as she walks with friends in Spain

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This is how the Hollywood actress walk! Elsa Pataky was seen strolling with her friends at the street in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday, September 23, 2014.
Can you even believe this was the day after Christmas? Because we just know that the 38-year-old was looking too cute in a white long dress after promoting her newest book, “Intensidad Max".
Gratefully for the struggling work-out on her post baby body for just 3 months.
The actress does not seem too fussy about her appearance as she accessorizes her element with a brown cardigan, a small shoulder bag, and effecting her blond hair into a cute bob, plus decided to keep her sunglasses on indoors during her outing.
Chris Hemsworth surely is one lucky husband in the world. . . . . . .Not only is he guaranteed to get some perfect genes from Elsa Pataky.
But before you start getting too carried away with ideas about her casual outing, we’d like to the point out that she had tran…

Nicky Hilton keeps 70‘s in a Blue Mini Dress as she enjoys her work hard schedule in New York

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The very good looking style! Yap, Nicky Hilton has well and truly moved on too.
The sister of Paris Hilton looked dapper with her loveliness outfit during enjoying her work hard schedule at Manhattan, New York on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.
In the simple point but effective, the 30-year-old showed off her tiny figure and flawless in a blue mini dress and she was managed to give a note to the 70‘s era while still keeping modern with this number.
As you can see, it’s really completely value for the fashion judge as the American rose’s fitting her element with a cute dark shoulder bag and a pair of high heels.
Guess she was willing to sacrifice comfort for the street runaway! But we really hope she had some hot chocolate drink afterwards.
Nicky’s own company was a glamorous to take their project idea into the keyhole detailing and she described her latest collection of brand eLUXE in very reflective statement on the images gal…

Make-up Free! Dianna Agron hits the Supermarket while wearing a trendy Jeans in Los Angeles

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Looks like Dianna Agron is hungry and her simple fashion idea, it’s very make us so comfortly.
The 28-year-old was spotted in Los Angeles on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 where she was snapped with two jelly bottle for bread after making a stop at the supermarket.
And despite the casual ensemble, Diana still looked gorgeous in the skinny fit jeans leggings with an atomic steel blue top inner and a grey singlet.
That’s a sure way to heat things up as the Glee star’s ensuring her beauty face on make-up free period and letting her blonde hair do the talking for perfectly luminous, among a pair of ray ban and a dark shoulder bag.
Didn’t forget to the trendy, she also completed her look with a blue western-style shirt around her waist, plus wearing her steps with an old sportswear.
What do you think, friends? Guess she didn’t think it was that cold in the city!!!

Ivanka Trump dazzles in a Silver Long Dress as she attends the Gala event at New York

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What do you think about the shiny ensemble? It helped that the metallic A-line Prada number was a perfect fit.
Ivanka Trump really doesn’t want to disappoint his father, Donald Trump as she going briefly with a gown at the Gala event in the Big Apple, New York on Tuesday, September 23, 2014.
In the Princess ready, the 32-year-old looked utterly elegant in a silver long dress, which showed off her tiny frame.
Making sure the stunning fashion design took the centre stage, the American rose wore her long blonde hair into a sweet crown bun alongside a very cute diamond earrings and covered her beauty steps in an elegant high heels.
But Who’s the handsome man beside her? Oh my, Sorry, her husband, Jared Kushner walking down into the New York City Ballet’s Fall gala in a tailored dark suit with a butterfly tie.
Very perfectly couple, compatible and harmonious, even I just could say amazing for what they have shown on this times.

Elle Fanning gets beauty in a Youthful Dress as she promotes her new film, the Boxtrolls at Los Angeles

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Is it just us or is the top half of the dress which showed off her beauty both shoulder are prosecute?
Not quite sure how we feel about that, but when Elle Fanning go on the premiere of her new film, the Boxtrolls in Los Angeles, USA on Sunday, September 21, 2014. . . . . .It was hard not to feel a pinch of jealousy.
The actress enjoyed a brief chat with senior British actor, Sir Ben Kingsley as she complemented her fashion garment with a black long trousers and matching high heels.
One out of two isn’t so bad and the 16-year-old wore her hair in a slick cute bob to displayed her youthful character to be more stylish.
Yap, she’s a winter wonder, while her make-up free pushed off her face in an elegant flourish.
Which was your favorite between her and Bella Thorne? We’re not worthy, cause the both always ready for their growing performance!!!

Jessica Chastain accentuates in a Red Dress as she showcases her naturally for Photo Call in Spain

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Surely! We love this look. . . . . . .From the diamond entrance of beautiful hair until the ending statement of design.
And all the eyes will be on Jessica Chastain as she swept on film photo call for Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby at 62th San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain’s northern Basque region on Tuesday, September 23, 2014.
The actress kicked thing off in style by parading her amazing point detailing in a red dress to smiles around into significantly illumination of camera.
Don’t you think that the entertainment life is affecting for the 37-year-old too much!!!
Totally,  while making sure to pull her hair up to highlight her lovely bare shoulders. . . . . .She’s always shared a very good presentation to us about gently.
The American Rose also combined a sophisticated touch to the outfit in a pair of maroon high heels with a cute flower among the element.
But with all this fabulosity packaged into one flawless ensemble,…

Minka Kelly looks simply in a Long Dress as she heads to lunch with next boyfriend in West Hollywood

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Is that the look of honestly?? Minka Kelly sure is looking happy during what appears to be a lunch date with a mystery male friend at West Hollywood.
The actress was spotted out at Hugo’s restaurant on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 where she supposedly her newest lucky man accept her as his best to do.
Cause why? The 34-year-old showed off her sweetest entertainment smile to the shocked photographer, but her companion looks like he hasn’t been able to see the reality through his shy attitude.
We knew gurl wasn’t just paying for professional company! That’s totally new boyfriend duty!!
By the way, the Friday Night Lights star was seen beauty by wearing a dark long dress and added her daylight show with a cute brown shoulder bag, a ray ban, a silver watch, and just covering her legs in a pair of sandals to accompanied her foot steps, plus a silver watch to monitoring her busy schedule.
No slowing down here! Guest we’ll just hav…

Kyle Richards wears casual jeans with Neiman Marcus bag for shopping fun at Beverly Hills

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There’s no telling what the duo discussed over shopping fun, but Kyle Richards seemed very comfortly in her casual appearance.
The 45-year-old dressed for easy to walk in a blue jeans and a cosy white cloth to stock up on groceries at Beverly Hills, CA, USA on Monday, September 22, 2014.
But surprisingly, her long hair was drawing into the ponytail, cause we hope that she’s letting her beauty to loosing its down to art.
Kyle also styled her number with a pair of ray ban and accentuated her steps in an appropriate velvet ankle boots that matching with her brown shoulder bag from Neiman Marcus.
Clearly, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s got great street style and a closet full of clothes to prove it..... . ....It’s nice to see her good fashion statement again!!!

Jemima Kirke goes natural in a floral long dress by parading her new long hair in New York

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It seemed that Jemima Kirke has found a new favorite style during stepped out at New York on Monday, September 22, 2014.
The 29-year-old has been believer in all thing natural as she looked amazing in a dark floral long dress to headed the Metropolitan Opera season opening with Maggie Grace.
We didn’t think the British actress could get any flawless after we saw her slim in the new design hair of long blonde locks with a centre of attention.
Despite just using a little cosmetics, the stunning brunette kept things her simple steps with a sweet red lipstick and a pair of cute gold earrings, plus the matching red high heels.
But boys, were we wrong? Cause we totally thing this is the first of many presentation appearance for Jemima’s naturally lively.
It’s one great fashion moment and clearly, Kirke’s art work has paid off!!!

Taylor Schilling keeps it Pure And Simple in a Midnight Blue Dress for the launch of Netflix in Paris

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Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Never one to be outshine in the fashion world, Taylor Schilling made a statement for the launch of Netflix.
Looking simply elegant yet quietly seductive, the 30-year-old channeled her show in midnight blue mini dress to the premiere party at Le Faust, Paris on Monday, September 15, 2014.
The American Actress looked the picture of loveliness in one side hair bun, then accessorized her equally chic with a pair of high heels and a little cute of handbag.
Wait, Taylor opting to let her natural face speak for make-up free, despite her sweet smiling to plunging the temperatures into the middle knot.
The street is her catwalk and today, she talk about sparkly design dresses for the summer season.
That totally slipped our minds because we’re so obsessed with this look! Clearly her argument worked!!!

Katharine McPhee turns down in a pink dress as she was snap to walking in New York

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Even as the temperatures in the city begin to burn up for the summer, Katharine McPhee still managed to emanate an aura of sophistication.
What’s up with all this wind, right?? The 30-year-old opted for a glamorous look as she stepped out for a stroll in the New York City on Saturday, September 13, 2014.
The singer wore a pink dress, then accessorized her outfit with a pair of brown high heels and the beauty bag of Louis Vuitton.
And hopefully she have far to walk as she’s letting her long brown hair do the talking to much around her shoulders.
The application of cosmetics obviously sounds cool with the red lipstick, but we’re just looking forward to allowing viewers for purchase things.
Otherwise, you’ll just have to go online or go to the store like a regular person. . . . . .Yap, Katharine is the right person for our fashion spectacles.