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Camilla Belle glances in a Long Gown at Los Angeles! Totally right for LACMA 2014

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When the side of fabulous coming out, you know it’s totally right for the fashion judge to observe.
And this one might be the best, cause we’ve seen yet Camilla Belle left little to be desired on LACMA film gala at Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
The 28-year-old glanced her simply sparkled in a blue long gown by Gucci, which displaying the fringe benefits of her shoulders to upon closer with inspection.
While her hair and make-up looked immaculate, the American actress seemed to got it all as she drowning her frame with a beauty pair of diamond earrings, a silver big amplify of bracelet and a cute small bag.
Camilla also showing out of proportion, thanks to the  retro high heels who pocking up by amazingly among her great footstep.
Thank goodness for this party. . . . .We haven’t even seen it yet, but that’s beside the point all these carpet moments with Salma Hayek, Demi Moore, and Selena Gomez are enough to keep us satisfied…

Kate Hudson Amazing in an Almond Gown on the LACMA gala at Los Angeles

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Well, we were expecting one thing, but we got an extra expectation by her glitzy and tasteful splendor.
Kate Hudson made a very memorable arrival to the LACMA gala at Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
No one to shy from texture and color, the 35-year-old caught people’s attention in an almond long gown, leaving her slender figure on show as well as her beautifulness.
Her long blonde hair styled in not single area of curls and she made sure she was the brightest star that night with a great red lipstick, a lovely small bag, plus spoke to much with her cute diamond bracelet.
But it wasn’t just her good temperature of positively act to us which caught people’s attention as the actress didn’t stop to flashing a quick glimpse of her stunning jewelry smile to the photographers.
Finally, who could forget Kate’s tiered dress charm at the event for tonight?
Educated, pretty well, nice and luminous beauty. . . . . .We love the touch o…

Olympian for LACMA! Dakota Johnson looks beauty in a Strapless Dress

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The ensemble was not just as vivacious and we could not forget her chic piece on today show.
Dakota Johnson put her masterful styling skills to good use as she made her way to LACMA Art + Film Gala at Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
Struggled to contain her anatomy in a cream strapless of long dress, the 25-year-old appeared to be giving her grief at some point. . . . .Thanks to the logarithmic derivative from father, Dakota Johnson and mother, Melanie Griffith.
Of course, it seemed to work for making sure all eyes were on her while the simply dialectic of make-up and the intricate detailing of hairstyle meant the rest of dress paled in comparison.
Let’s just say, Dakota was definitely there in jewelry spirit and we’re obsessed with it
No, it’s not because she’s a daughter of the greatest star of Hollywood. . . . It’s because the uniform are super beauty for the Olympians!!!

Princess Mary’s simple in a long sleeve and flower skirt on correspondents dinner at Copenhagen

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The final rose has been not ended, but we’re still buzzing about the proposal.
And of course, the fabulous fashion from Christian VII’s Palace correspondents dinner at Copenhagen, Denmark on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 was definitely our dreaming.
Cause, Princess Marry curiously enough to reached for our mesmerizing as she showed off her simple point, but special in a dark long sleeve and beauty flower skirt to celebrate 15th anniversary of the America Chamber of commerce (AmCham).
The 42-year-old looked quite gorgeous such agriculturalist lady in her softly make-up and cute hairstyle among the blue diamond earrings and a lovely small bag, plus the bright red fingernail.
Oh my, we’re never really sure how to feel about seriously and dedication by Australian Designer, Jayson Brundsdon for the art statement.
But we’ll let it side because - come on - She’s a real Queen.

Demi Moore’s Natural in A Floor Gown On LACMA art at Los Angeles

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If you think you recognize this gown, you’d be right. . . . .But in another exact number, her beauty will never ending.
It was a big event in the high society diary and Demi Moore taking the centre of stage as she headed to LACMA Art at Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
The 50-year-old looked carefree and glamour in a dark floor length gown, which displaying her pulchritudinous point into the great platform.
Glimpse her natural long hair into sophisticated style, the actress stocked up the bohemian clothing with a simply make-up that featuring a cute small bag and a trendy crowning of diamond earrings.
You know that phrase, dance like nobody’s watching? This is no small revelation, given the way her peers are dressing such the greeting vocabulary of art.
Friends! We got a delightful taste of Demi’s serious fashion skill by those statement. Wrong or not! She’s always be our Queen.

Special Crown for LACMA! Salma Hayek steps out in White Gown at Los Angeles

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We were wondering when our fantastical eyes would return.
She’s already 48-year-old, but Salma Hayek cut an incredible sophisticated figure as she attended the LACMA event at Los Angeles, USA on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
And we have to admit, we are so happy too see Salma back to her fashion root.
The glitter Latinos lady stepped out in a white long gown, adding a splash backless detail with a silver luxury knitting.
No change of going unnoticed, the actress fell beautifully with her special hair crown and perfectly complimented her outfit with a simply small bag, a sparkling earrings, plus the dramatically amazing anatomy which showing off her another gorgeous effect.
Oh, there were other fashionistas at the gala as well such as our newest style crush.
Kate Hudson, who looked ultra in an almond ensemble, and Demi More displayed her fireplace in an exclusive dark long gown.
But what we really want to know is what did you think of Salma look. S…

Michelle Rodriguez in a Red Gown as she draws the spotlight at amfAR party in Los Angeles

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That bold color garment by Vita Fede against her caramel skin tone is absolutely gorgeous.
And Michelle Rodriguez had nothing to be bashful about in her long red gown at amfAR party at Los Angeles, USA, on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
Did not she look like Cleopatra with those wonderful statement?
The 36-year-old coordinated her long hair into a freely number, but still remained us about the flawless figure with letting loose among the centre of attention on her hemisphere of deep cut neckline.
Falling in love! The sheer volume had growing by perfectly as the actress drawing her natural face and smile with no make-up and just emblazoned her finger with a great collection of gold rings.
It’s not easy being fashion forward and the only thing missing is boyfriend, Zac Efron on her arm.
But if we may get allowed to say about the state, Zac. . . . . . .We’re loving Michelle’s gules floor-length dress! So sparkly and pretty.

The Teacher! Sharon Stone is the most prominent person on amfAR gala at Hollywood

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We always knew Sharon Stone had the amazing acting skills to pay the bill and the character result is always such a breath of fresh air.
Yap, just one night during the amfAR inspiration gala at Hollywood, USA on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, the 56-year-old’s inspirable name going lovely among the greatest fan.
Who is she? Miley Cyrus just standing beside her and letting the actress influenced her style on day by day.
Drawing her hair figure as usually in a low, Sharon sporting a dark neckline and jumpsuit while the singer followed the teacher, but she looked more young in those wrestling fashion design.
By threw out a caution to the wind, Stone later speaking about her support for HIV/AIDS research judicial procedure on the podium as her softly make-up, a cute white pearl, and a pair of lovely diamond earrings accompanied her stage performance
Oh well! She’s the most prominent person on the event and she has been drawing her talent b…

The singer, Fergie singing the National Anthem by dramatically at NBA game in Los Angeles

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The sound of change concert is gearing up to be one star-studded affair.
Headlined by Fergie, the NBA game between LA Clippers versus the Oklahoma city Thunder have been dramatically.
The star’s going to be part of halftime show at Los Angeles, USA on Thursday, October 30, 2014 and the 39-year-old showed off her toned tummy in an impressing short dress that displayed her long amazing legs.
Ready for a grilling! The stunning brunette opened up her performance by singing the National Anthem while stepped out on the middle stage of basketball square with just a pair of white sport shoes and a microphone.
Excited to sing the#NationalAnthem at the @LAClippers home opener tonite,” Josh Duhamel wife immortalized the moment into her Instagram account.
Onstage or not, the official headliner isn’t going to be alone, cause we’re betting the singer herself is gone be near perfect.
Congratulations on scoring and the sweet spectator, NBA!!!

The amfAR 2014! Lea Michele looks sophisticate in a long gown at Hollywood

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Were you just sewing your dress when you came out? Did you run out of time?
And Lea Michele wasted no time in mentioning during the red carpet moment at the amfAR gala in Hollywood, CA, USA on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
The 28-year-old looked every bit a gorgeous lady ever, while the sparkling silver long gown suited Lea’s hourglass curves.
May be it was perhaps slightly too sophisticated for the actress, but thanks to boyfriend, Matthew Paetz’s perfect dress who huddling her amazing waist by never ending.
The ensembles doing the rounds are a whole lot more glamorous as she satisfying the gala with styling her long hair to loose alongside a unique stalk of earrings and simply make-up.
Hello sailor man! That explain was slicked into positively accentuated and we’re totally surprised.
If you see the Queen in something brightly in a few months. . . . .There are three beers with thousands beholder will watching.
Please don’t go from yel…

Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey shock us with their act on the Graham Norton show

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You know that phrase, dance like nobody’s watching?
Well, that’s exactly what Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey do for their appearance on the Graham Norton show on Friday, October 31, 2014.
Unfortunately for them, (but hilariously for us!) the whole world was watching and it was Incredible.
And the 31-year-old still managed to shock us with her fashion choice of ensemble in a plunging dark dress from Valentino design, while Matthew arrived on set by sporting a white suit.
For a second there, we totally thought about the actress’s tempestuous act as they discussed about her role with the hair shaved on film Les Miserables. Anne told: “It was my suggestion because it raised the stakes for the audience. When the cutting started I was very nervous. It was weird.”
Either way! it looks like she’s learned to take a great sacrifice because she took this one and run with it, especially for her job as an actress.
We think you are doing fabul…

Natural Face! Padma Lakshmi decks out in a blue long gown on the gala at New York

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This might not be the Oscar, but Padma Lakshmi is totally looking awards show ready.
Decked out in a glam endeavor blue of long gown, the top chef headed the 9th annual Keep A Child Alive gala at New York, USA on Thursday, October 30, 2014.
The 44-year-old looked gorgeous and girly in the ensemble which showed off her toned pins in the meantime.
And once the gravity defying dress was firmly perfect in its place as Padma wore her long hair tresses down so gently among her shoulders with a unique line earrings while the softly make up have slightly thrown her natural fresh face.
By personally, we have found the moment to be adorable and it’s nice to know that everyone has not a problem.
Now that would’ve been awesome! Oh, well. . . . . . .Lakshmi! You definitely take home the cake for the most hilarious of fashion statement this month.

Deborah Hunton and her Blue Mini Dress shut up the Foxtel Upfronts event at Sydney

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It was a glorious moment that created all kinds of naughty fantastics for Deborah Hutton.
So you know we’re super happy too while watching Linda Evangelista and Cheyenne Tozzi attended to the red carpet of Foxtel Upfronts on Thursday, October 30, 2014.
But if the agenda talking more about another stunning appearance, I will choosed the Sydney origin lady’s outfit as she shuts up the event by completed her awesome look in a great design.
The 53-year-old duty made her way to the nightly amazing performance in a blue mini dress, which determined to leave the glitz and glamour to different style.
By styled her long blonde hair into lovely argument, the Australian media personality decided to delighting the event at Sydney, Australia with a cute of dark small bag and sweet high heels.
But Deborah still looked totally adorable stumbling with a softly make-up through the beautifully of diamond earrings, a simple bracelet on her left hand, plus the elega…

Natural figure! Jessica Hart walks in a floral spandex with her dog at New York

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This is so sweet! Jessica Hart was recently spotted at New York, USA this past Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
The 28-year-old bucked the trend of most other celebrities when she walked on street by wearing a blue knitted coat and floral spandex.
Then we were way more interested in that cute dog as she kept her shapely figure with easy sport and taking care to her professional job with just a lucky hand phone.
Mmmm. . . .The amazing secret of success story!
Allowing her long blonde hair into freely and complement her step with a white shoes, the stunning brunette looked very natural in no make-up for our eyes things
Anywhere can be a catwalk and her own personal style would normally associate with a brown back pack, but head to Nordstrom now to buy this exact, and see why the clothing collection is worth knowing about.
You movement is the cutest in action, Jessica, but Owning a dog also comes with a heaping helping of responsibility, Sur…

The Physician idea! Rose McGowan shakes a White Gown at amfAR 2014 in Los Angeles

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Well now, to add insult to injury, the physician have found a blockage in their kidneys.
And Rose McGowan seemed to comprehend about the situation as she attended the amfAR inspiration Gala at Los Angeles, USA on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
The star certainly put her strong idea by speaking out so gorgeous in a white long gown and impressed to the fictional character of slender girl with her hair tomboy style.
So, what’s a scary moment that she do? The 41-year-old combined her healthy appearance with a pair of high heels, cute diamond earrings, and a small bag. . . .But don’t asking me about the fissure point among the “Shaking" design.
It has already received the two thumbs, but the experimental garment has divided fashion critics, with some saying it little to the imagination and was daring just for sake of being noticed.
That’s all that we got to hear from observing to Rose’s today show. . . . .The totally unique value was fo…

Naya Rivera lets her Cut Out Gown do dramatically on UNICEF event at Hollywood

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This can’t be a good start for this lady, but the magical creature was bewitched the eyes.
It looked like Naya Rivera was going to be late to her office where she hoped her busy scheduled was finished on this week.
By viewing on her outfit show at the UNICEF event at Hollywood on Thursday, October 30, 2014, the actress displayed a great way to get back in touch with old history of Tarzan.
The 27-year-old dressed down in a dark long gown and thrilled us with totally consequence in the dramatically cut out of garment design.
It’s taking things to a more serious level as she added her footsteps element with a pair of high heels to drawing her long legs by no ending and satisfying the long hair loosely in natural waves.
I know what I’m talking about which, obviously, inspired her to talk about feminism!!!
But how? If she spilled the tea on changes as  a result of these doors slamming in our face and What we gone do to help us?
The reality cer…

Proudly to show! Jessica De Gouw shimmering her simple in a Pencil Dress at London

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They may have been wearing a shimmering gown, but nothing shone brighter than Jessica Gouw’s smile on Tuesday, October 28, 2014.
So it comes with no surprise as the 26-year-old took to the Set Fire To The Stars premiere at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, England.
Displaying her proudly to the show in a dark pencil dress, the actress appeared to be telling quite by her exciting tale to her appearance.
The stunning brunette added the meditate to her look with wild wavy hair and looked radiant with just a touch of eye shadow on her flawless complexion, plus staying sweet with those red lipstick.
Either way, it looks like she’s learned so much about to take her natural destiny
Jessica! We will never miss to seeing that darling face of yours for the next. . . . .Well, we’ve got it for you!!!