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Cristiano Ronaldo being a spotlight for his new romance with Lucia Villalon at Spain

Very reasonable when the public associated Cristiano Ronaldo with Lucia Villalon, because the women was a sports reporter at a television station in Spain.
By the strong reason, the Real Madrid footballer just recently broke up with girlfriend for 5 years, Irina Shayk.
However, Lucia even denied it gossip, "We only talk about football," said the girl who graduates the diploma of Law and Journalism.
Certainly the news directly being a spotlight for many people.
Her snap shot alongside the Portuguese male athlete who were holding the Ballon d'Or trophy got a positive notice by the fans on her Instagram.
The pair looked compact by wearing a black T-shirt in all-round, plus leading their beaming smile to the camera.
After uploaded the photo, recorded by automatically that 52 thousand accounts become her follower in just a day.
It's not an annual trip, but spoke about constantly. . . . . . . . . .. .They are really an ideal companion, Sure!!!

Naomi Watts Takes Her First Award For This Year At Macau In A Purple Gown

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The secret may be bound to happen into several point, which makes this form fitting dress displayed a bit more formal.
Well, if it really happened, Naomi Watts can't say nobody told her as she attended the China's 15th Huading Awards at Macau on Sunday, January 18, 2015.
The 46-year-old paired her outfit for a sleeveless and floor-length purple gown that featured an asymmetric design to one side pointy.
In sleek and sophisticated show, Naomi teamed the lovely garment with a simple make-up and kept her blonde hair to loose between the Bulgari earrings.
All eyes of 800 million households were upon to the porcelain beauty while she stepped down so diligently to the center stage for taking her first award for this year as the Best Global Actress in Motion Pictures.
We hope Watts never stop to displaying her totally on the next chapter of days, weeks, and months. . . . . . .Of course, with the golden cup too!
It's pretty clear on today appea…

In High Spirit! Keri Russel Thrilles Us In A Leopard Dress At Pasadena, USA

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This is a great discussion panel and there are a lot of strong personalities.
Starting to this process, Keri Russell really has a reputation for being a woman that you wouldn't want to cross as she headed to the event of Television Critics Association Press tour.
The 38-year-old was in high spirits at the event, no doubt thrilled us with the announcement her top show, The Americans, alongside her boyfriend, Matthew Rhys at Pasadena on Sunday, January 18, 2015.
She left her long dark hair loose around her shoulders and kept her make-up softly apart from dark eyes, while a lovely leopard top and brown skirt protected her perfect figure.
What's more can we say? Keri looked so beautiful when tried to explaining a lot of things about her work between Joe Fields, co-star Noach Emmerich, and Joe Weisberg.
Russell had more to say, mostly in an attemp to redirect the conversation. "It feels like a huge injustice for someone not to know who they are. . . .…

The singer, Adele has just bid a luxury Mansion at Malibu with fantastic rates, USD$ 8,3 Million

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With the kinds of idea leaning on one decision, it's should definitely just get Amazing.
A brand new mansion is for sure to be included as well and Adele had just bid a luxury property at Malibu, CA, USA with fantastic rates, USD$ 8.3 Million.
The house is equipped with a jacuzzi and a swimming pool that has a direct relationship with the beautiful scenic of the beach, along with three large rooms and bathroom.
How adorable are they? A wine storage temperature, luxury kitchen and an excellent barbeque complementing their perfect design.
The 25-year-old previously had a large house in Brighton, United Kingdom . . . . . . . . .And today, the singer wanted to be neighboring with James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, the singer Barbra Streisand, and also the Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson.
Meanwhile the purchasing orientation is finally result of various achievements by already getting an Oscar Award in 2014 and 10 Grammys since 2009 until now.
According to an artic…

Kendal Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez show off their diagram of connection at Los Angeles

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You seriously won't believe if Kendall Jenner has a private relation with Justin Bieber, cause she is a bossom friend of the ex-Selena Gomez.
But source of images are unsure as to how romantic they're diagram of connection as Kendal and Justin were snapped to relaxing at His house in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 18, 2015.
The 19-year-old Supermodel dressed in a white top and jeans, while the 20-year-old singer looked very customary in just blue trunks.
I mean, the pair're got a pretty good head, cause they were very lovely-dovey. . . . . . . .I'm sure you might know what I meant.
Well, at least the duo already met their each other family, Wait for the next time story!!!

Kate Hudson is simply, but elegant in a Daisy Duke while enjoying some serenade theraphy at Los Angeles

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Who is as well know for her incredible sense of style? Although the condition going down to customary point.
But Kate Hundson's choice of jeans was anything as she was snapped to enjoying some serenade therapy with a male friend on the street at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Saturday, January 17, 2015.
The 35-year-old was dressed simply but elegant in a matching Daisy Duke with a blue T-Shirt and platform sandals, while accessorising her tools in an aztec shoulder bag.
And if it looked like Kate was warmly, she suddenly couldn't stop to taking time for smiling beside her car. . . . . .Making herself a priority and of course, the perfect long legs too, while her long blonde hair flowing down between the make-up free.
Well! This low-key look is definitely came from her positive aspect influence for all that matters.
We guess her Work-out schedule were doing on the right track. . . . . . . . . . . .So what are you waiting for, friends? Let's Exercising!!!

Low-key show! Scarlett Johansson dressing in a zebra coat for her new film, 'Hail Caesar' at Los Angeles

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It's always important to dress appropriately for different occasion, and over the years, Scarlet Johansson has proven to be expert at that.
While the design's perfect for the red carpet event, the actress had worn earlier in the daylight as she walked to her new filming job, 'Hail Caesar' at Los Angeles on Friday, January 16, 2015.
The 30-year-old made a cute steps in a white zebra coat, which showing plenty of inspiration about how to apply the dressing by postively on outside the event.
Get out of town! Scarlet embellished her performance with a dark heat and velvet shoes, plus picturing her fresh face with an easy make-up.
Hey, at least Johansson was comfy and ready to driving her style to more professional. . . . . . . . . .Excellent thinking to her part career.
We might have been enjoying a low-key show, but still appreciate for a classic art!!!

Maria Sharapova steps out in a Cocktail Dress, Leaving the perfect art on party at Melbourne

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Not only did Maria Sharapova look very beauty in the get-up for the opening, but you can easily recreate her look for holiday parties or formal functions.
Once the weather gets cooler, the 27-year-old was heading out to enjoy a party of the IMG Tennis Player's on Club 23 Crown at Melbourne, Australia on Sunday, January 18, 2015.
The Russian beauty stepped out by softly-spoken on fashion in a grey cocktail dress. . . . . . . . .Surely, if yu want to try the trend you can't go wrong with Maria's exact look.
Letting the detailing to really stand out, Sharapova emblazoned her value with a gold earrings, a cute handbag and a pair of dark high heels, while her long blonde hair leaving the perfect art in sleek and loose.
Overall! It's an all right look and the Anotnio Berardi design gave a great close of theme. . . . . .Really doing it for us.

Kendall Jenner pulls up a good temperature in Jeans on shopping trip at West Hollywood

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Seriously, all the low accents was giving an effortlessly dressing in new meaning, cause her street style game is always on point.
Displaying her simply in a dark top and jeans, Kendall Jenner went casual on shopping trip with several friends at West Hollywood on Saturday, January 17, 2015.
The Supermodel pulled up the condition with a good temperature as she shielded her natural make-up free with a pair of retro sunglasses and purposefully to organizing her long hair in loose around her shoulders by freely.
It may be that the 19-year-old girl was making preparations with her diamond steps in a boots, plus a great shoulder bag to accompanied the fashion road.
Legs for days over here! The highlight of her look has got tobe the fierce strut we can just tell she's werking.
Trying a new style in older way and glowing her art by making us to more enjoyable. . . . . .This is really from the inside out!!!

Harrison Ford and John Travolta look picture perfect in Tuxedo at Beverly Hills

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Rocked to the event in an excellent garment - No suit and tie - And the crowd went wild?
As the greatest actors of Hollywood do, John Travolta and Harrison Ford had a grand idea to get everyone talking about aircraft during the Living Legend Aviation Awards.
John looked picture perfect in a tuxedo with the blue inner, while Harrison was quick to ditch the smooth style in the same thing design, but different by white inner.
The tanned and toned old man arrived to the Beverly Hilton Hotel at Beverly Hills on Friday, January 16, 2015, then ready to party.
Watching the duo take to the red carpet was, in fact, pretty starling. . . . . . .

The classical look! Marion Cotillard looks perfect in a Gown by Dior at Hollywood, CA, USA

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The long gown has basically performed at almost every award show.
That's pretty incredible, if you ask me and Marion Cotillard looked perfectly with her outfit on the 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards at Hollywood on Thursday, January 15, 2015.
The actress displaying her great courage in a white gown when it came to getting people's attention of blue carpet with a Dior Couture Ball dress.
Howeever, as the 39-year-old turned to pose for the photographer camera, she's moderately the ensemble to an amazing point and of course, a few interesting sides had attempted to pursue her.
The classical look was a modern take as she complemented her beauty with a lovely make-up and established her hair into a great theme.
Surely it was in the 90's all weekend in California, USA, but all we know the French lady is willing to be comfortable for fashion.
Going to break free while managing her beauty language. . . . . . . . . . .Incredible!!!

You Tube! Jennifer Aniston flaunts her Cowboy theme in a Brown Suits at Hollywood

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Maybe there's been a major speculation about the sparkling outfit or rocking melody.
Served up a major close of burning style, Jennifer Aniston was on stunning during her strolled into the 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards at Hollywood on Thursday, January 15, 2015.
The 45-year-old certainly know about How to clean up for the moment as she flaunted her perfect figure in a brown suit settings, but telling more so serious with her sensational theme.
I've like her outfits so far, the structure is exactly making our eyes to dying while seeing her experiment show in something that really highlighted her incredible figure.
The long blonde hair was showed her personal sense to the glamorous overal effect and a cute gold necklace could brought her diamond art do dancing on our minds.
Totally flawless from every angles, cause the make-up statement finished off her look to amazing. . . . . . .Everything about this ensemble was undeniably.

You Tube! Jessica Chastain manages a romantic theme in White Gown at Hollywood, CA, USA

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Oh my! Jessica Chastain certainly know about how to sharing her amazing point for the Glittering event.
And it seems she was the only woman who had that idea as the 37-year-old headed by elegant to the 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards on Thursday, January 15, 2015.
With her lips rouged in scarlet lipstick and her long brown hair composed into the Grecian ponytail, if there was a crown for more stylish, Jessica's name would be all over it.
Belive it or not! The actress braving her first MVP award as she dedicating her white long gown by Antonio Berardi to managed her cheerfulness into the centre stage of the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, CA, USA.
The drapped detailing of silver high heels and a matching bracelet were consistenting to put the romantic theme on full display.
No only Chastain get all the success key, but it's more picturing about the very valuable she is on the entertainment industry.
Still, can't deny that the …

Emily Blunt dazzles in a Red Gown and pulling up a surprise moment with us at Hollywood, USA

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The 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards and fashion winner, it's really composed to our sartorial statement.
Marion Cottilard, Jessica Chastain until Jennifer Aniston were highlighted their slim waist of fashion art to the pretty blue carpet at the Hollywood Palladium.
And now, Emily Blunt topped the best dressed too as she attended by herself to the event at Hollywood, CA, USA on Thursday, January 15, 2015.
The actress dazzled in a long red gown by Emilio Pucci, which displaying her style to never ending. . . . . . . .It's very simple elegance.
In another positive dialectics, the 33-year-old just satisfying our eyes with easy make-up and coordinating her long blonde hair into usual style.
But in the meantime. . . . . . . . .Blunt's getting a shocked moment from her husband, John Krasinski, while receiving an award on the centre stage.
Suprise! Emily went a little adventurous on her special day and We meddled up the situation by vi…

Bar Refaeli keeps her innocent skin in a Silver Gown, No complaining about having to walk at Los Angeles

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Though we're glad to see Bar Refaeli isn't letting it get in the way of enjoying the red carpet show.
May want to keep our face to dazed, the Supermodel came to getting people's attention on the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards.
The 29-year-old did all the talking in a silver long gown, which displaying her innocent skin by fittingly design.
It was actually the sparkling accent on the backside that was turning a lot of heads-And yes, we are revealing about a lacy backless element to the ensemble.
Bar added an old European culture feel to her dress with a pair of matching earrings and handbag, while her long blonde hair finished off her outfit by leaving an incredible art to our fashion knowledge.
Now exactly Israeli's armor, but it was too perfect for the event at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Sunday, January 11, 2015.
And we doubt anyone was no complaining about having to walk beside her on the floor. . . . . . . . . . . .Maybe this is the latest ver…

Cindy Crawford's perfect art in a Gown, Representing her great fashion argument at Los Angeles

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Maybe there was certainly a lot up for discussion, but her age was telling more about just sitting.
By the way, Cindy Crawford turned her never ending design in a blue long gown, which was split to the thigh, revealing her great long legs.
The 48-year-old has nothing to hide when it comes to her perfect art and she showed plenty of skin to the red carpet of 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, CA, USA on Sunday, January 11, 2014 with husband, Rande Gerber.
Sound like totally on the dramatic show with a great cut-out as the 80's Supermodel represented her great fashion argument from Versace concept in a silver handbag that matching with the bracelet, plus a pair of high heels too.
Even though Cindy's dress could be seen more wonderful while a great diamond earrings putting its right alongside her long beauty hair.
Oh my! It's certainly bring our idea to take our customary style into fabulous. . . . . . . . …

Leslie Mann pulls off the clever trick in a Strapless Gown by Kaufman Franco concept at Los Angeles

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The simple concept will not only boost your heart rate for effect, but it could be simultaneously to alluring the style for more significant.
And it seemed Leslie Mann is on draft as she walked with husband, Judd Apatow into the red carpet at Los Angeles, CA, USA on Sunday, January 11, 2015.
The 42-year-old pulled off the clever trick of looking in a yellow gown by Kaufan Franco design and certainly getting up the moment with her perfect anatomy.
We normally love to seeing that amazing concept went for a retro fit and style, while Leslie conscious that her long blonde hair, plus a gold small bag have been generally shared for a sleek point.
Let's note if a stunning green Aztec earrings were took a moment to show a classic value for more better than a pair of diamonds.
It was her powerfull performance with the two thumbs, between the conventional idea and the progress theme.
Which, even if Mann initially denied it, we gotta admit, it does kind a great explo…

Eugenie Bouchard enjoys some fresh air in a Make-up free while installing her unique pose at Australia

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Okay, so it's probably the latter, but we still can't get over just how awesome this tennis athlete's moves are.
Not only did Eugenie Bouchard's cut garment color helped her retro style into a steadly point. . . . . .Surely the gorgeous girl definitely got us gossipping when it came to her perfect.
The 20-year-old enjoyed some fresh air at the Swan River beach in Perth WA, Australia on Friday, January 9, 2015 as she put her lean legs on full display in a pink short dress.
Finished off her look by satisfaction her glossy long blonde hair to freely, the Quebec born just signing her face by make-up free and installing the unique poses among a brown sandals while responding a row of question from the journalist on the sands.
Do you think it might be too much? No, Eugenie really need a great free time before heading to the big tournament of the Australian Open.
Yes, it is technically still summer in Kangoroo Continent and her fashion ar…

AnnaLynne McCord manages her Airport style in a unique boots at Los Angeles, USA

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We're pretty sure if the fashions made an impression on the high tea attendees.
Cause the leggy lady of AnnaLynne McCord was managed to strut her stuff down by ease while walking out from her private plane at the Airport in Los Angeles, CA, USA on Monday, January 12, 2015.
The actress talking so much about an incredible concept as she's drawing our eyes with a simple combination of dark coat and a Wonderful idea in unique high-heeled footwear of boots.
Surely, the street-chic style is quite more signaling to the glamorous, cause the element are definitely compatible with her outfit, such: a cute bonnet, a batik shawl and a jumpsuit to showing her flawless legs on totally.
To another point, the 27-year-old barely kept her eyes with a ray ban between the make-up free for wearing her hair down on what seemed to be happy occasion for the famous blonde.
Several briefcases accompanied her steps into the car waiting on the front office to attemp…