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Nigella Lawson looks elegant in a White Dress, Amazing for the New Year and Christmas at New York

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Allowing the dress to be the main of focus, cause the sequinned was elegant with burning accents.
Opted for a white of skin tight dress, Nigella Lawson turned her head into the television show, 'The Taste' at New York, NY, USA on Tuesday, December 23, 2014.
The 54-year-old sported a lovely white earrings and just put a softly lipstick to following her step up on the pair of red high heels.
In that dress, how could we miss you?. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Nigella, you are looked amazing for this New Year and Christmas appearance, Golden Glow!!!



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Hilary Duff highlights her art in a Mini Skirt: Shows up in something feminine look at Los Angeles

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Whether Hilary Duff dresses down, shows up in something feminine look, one this is clear: this divine woman can pull of practically anything.
And her latest look was no exception as the 27-year-old went with an upretentious art to spend some easy time alongside her son at the street in Los Angeles on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.
We're not sure what inspired Hilary's dark slender, mini skirt, plus a jumper to emblazoned top, but the cowboy hat with plum violet color definitely make the look coven-ready.
The long blonde hair certainly highlighted this mama's long legs and a make-up free too. . . . . . . . . .You'll have to break the tie. What's your say?
Good look on your family trip, Duff! We give the outfit a thumbs-up!!!

Hilary Rhoda displays her beauty in a Blue Dress at cancer charity event in New York

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Complementing cuties!! If you weren’t interested in watching, we bet you are now.
Any who, due to her essential roll The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Symposium & Awards Luncheon, Hilary Rhoda obviously paid the event.
The 27-year-old donned an impressive outfit of a blue tight dress, which flowed over her incredible anatomy during her standing show for photographer at New York, USA on Thursday, October 9, 2014.
Well done! The actress made the rounds and seemed to enjoy every minute of camera blitz, despite her softly make-up, beauty hair into bun design and cute high heels certainly made a lot of people feel welcome.
A little too casual for the charity program. . . . All in all! You’ve got some self competition, Hilary!!!
The proof is definitely right, you are one fit and healthy lady on a mission.

Bridget Malcolm, 23, appears casual in a Jeans and Blazer at the airport in Sydney

The starlet left the catwalk of New York, since it was spotted yesterday (Sunday, December 20, 2015). After the big event of Victoria's Secret, the beautiful Bridget Malcolm, 23, has calmed and landed so happy into the airport at Sydney, Australia with fiance, Nathaniel Hoho. Very easy, but it's casual fashion trend as the Supermodel appeared wearing a navy jeans, worn with a huge hat, stuffed a dark blazer, signed free people with the feet of boots from Isabel Marant design, and suitable leather bag in hand. Well yes! Trend? Bridget's style is the style of most of the girls 18 - 25, then Do What You Want, Free Make-Up session here and has found a good combine for relaxation and romantic journey.